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Alef Bet Quest Book Plus Mobile App

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Alef Bet Quest Book Plus Mobile App
Alef Bet Quest Book Plus Mobile App

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    Alef Bet Quest has sent nearly 40,000 young Hebrew learners on a guided adventure through Israel that unfolds as they learn to decode with confidence and fluency.

    Using effective methodology from Hebrew language specialist Dina Maiben, students learn letters and vowels from key Jewish cultural words (matzah, havdalah, Yisrael, shofar, Moshe) as well as everyday Hebrew words (abba, ima, sabba, savta, mishpahah, shalom). 

    Extensive practice for each new letter and vowel is included as they are introduced, reinforcing leanring every step of the way.


    • Introduces same-sound letters together.
    • Keeps similar looking letters (like yud, vav, and final nun) and simliar sounding letters (like samech and zayin, or samech and tzadee) apart to help learners avoid confusion.
    • Provides practice for single vowels with many different consonants Divides words into component syllables in early chapters, then recombines them into whole words later on.
    • Teaches real Hebrew words, with an emphasis on those found in the siddur to support later prayer learning.
    • Uses block print writing to reinforce sound-symbol associations, visual discrimination, and directionality.
    • Develops fluency through extensive reading practice, supported by a digital app (recently revised for all mobile access, and available separately) that allows learners to hear the sounds of the letters and words as they practice, and offers games for further reinforcement.

    Alef Bet Quest Mobile:

    The app is a digital Hebrew primer fully integrated with text-based lessons to teach students to decode Hebrew fluently while it sends them on a guided digital adventure through Israel in search of a missing golden Kiddush cup. The app matches the book and can also be used independently. 

    Learners can also try out their new decoding skills on read-aloud activities that let them hear the Hebrew (in American and Israeli accents) and play four different games that reinforce their skills. Admins can access student progress by class within the app.

    Match with printed book, script writing workbook, and a Companion Reader to add even more modern Hebrew vocabulary and tailor Alef Bet Quest to the needs of your learners.

    Some tech things to know:

    • Compatible with iOS and Android devices. 
    • For mobile devices only.
    • Digital licenses are refundable until passed to a student.
    • Purchases charged to school accounts require one business day for procesing before becoming available; purchases made using credit cards become available immediately.




    1. Purchase licenses for the app (one per user) from Make sure you're signed into your school account. If you don't have an account, you can create one here

    2. Download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

    3. Give learners access to the app:

    Admins (person with access to the school account login):

    • Open the app on your device
    • Select “I don't have a code” from the bottom of the screen
    • Log in with the same account email and password used to purchase the app
    • Enter the class name and select “Create Class”
    • Distribute the student and teacher classroom codes to everyone in the class.

    Students and teachers:

    • Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
    • Open the app and select “New User”
    • Enter classroom code you got from your school 
    • Follow the on-screen directions to complete the sign-up procedure

    Detailed how-to instructions are available here.