Alef Bet Quest Book Only

Includes book plus interactive CD (not compatible with Macs). Alef Bet Quest CD provides OFFLINE practice only, without student tracking or onine assessment. For tracking and assessment, we suggest the Online Learning Center Edition here.

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This multi-media Hebrew primer fully integrates text-based lessons with computer software and teaches your students to decode Hebrew fluently while it sends them on a guided digital adventure through Israel. Students learn letters and vowels from key Jewish cultural words (matzah, havdalah, Yisrael, shofar, Moshe) as well as everyday Hebrew words (abba, ima, sabba, savta, mishpahah, shalom).

"Clues to the Quest" in the book motivate students to use the software at home, increasing Hebrew reading practice time as their adventure, the search for a missing golden Kiddush cup, unfolds. Students can also try out their new decoding skills on computer-based read-aloud activities that let them hear the Hebrew (in American and Israeli accents) and play online video games that reinforce their skills..

Alef Bet Quest's lessons on decoding and fluency unfold against a backdrop of cultural and modern Hebrew vocabulary, with an online adventure that takes students on a 20-stop tour through Israel. Students will develop a connection to Israel as they learn to read.

Educators tell us that when students use interactive software they want to practice their Hebrew at home, creating additional instructional and practice time. Students will love playing the online video games to reinforce their new decoding skills. It's homework they will want to do!

A matched workbook for script writing, and a Companion Reader that adds even more modern Hebrew vocabulary, let you tailor Alef Bet Quest to the needs of your school.

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