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David Behrman

  1. Terry Kaye Marks 30-Year Anniversary at Behrman House

    Terry Kaye Marks 30-Year Anniversary at Behrman House

    Thirty years ago, a mom with young daughters and educational training and experience joined our staff part-time to help field educators’ questions about our books and other classroom materials.

    She was originally from South Africa, and so most of the time callers would ask if she was British. No, she’d reply, South African. Oh, are you from Johannesburg? No, Cape Town. Oh, do you know so-and-so? Usually not, but it was fun to hear just that one side of that conversation.

    Since that time Terry Kaye has become part of the fabric of Behrman House.  She’s left her mark on our Hebrew materials from classics such as Hineni to the more recent Hebrew in Harmony curriculum, with work on haggadot such as Seder in Motion and Essential Seder, and on a host of Judaica titles as well.  She has been the face of Behrman House at conferences, training sessions, and webinars. Today she manages our print program, ensur

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  2. Pandemic Pivot

    Pandemic Pivot

    Behrman House Publisher David Behrman reflects on the silver linings of the pandemic lockdown, and challenges educators to wrestle with larger questions about our values and goals.

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  3. In Appreciation of Our Friend Rachel Cowan

    In Appreciation of Our Friend Rachel Cowan

    I was saddened to learn that our friend and author Rachel Cowan died this past Friday, just as Shabbat was coming in.  She was at home, where she wanted to be, and at peace.

    For most of my years, I had only heard of Rachel and her work from afar, until she finally decided to write a book, and with Linda Thal created Wise Aging which we had the opportunity to publish.  She had the gentlest of styles combined with a fierce commitment to the work, and to the practices and concepts she wanted to share with others through it. I was repeatedly struck by her ability to exercise huge influence while seeming to have only the lightest touch on the steering wheel.

    Rachel was a pathfinder in many ways; her gentle and modest manner belied her impact.  Called the “Mother of Jewish Healing” by The Forward newspaper, her work and her presence has been felt and will continue to be felt throughout our community.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked w

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  4. Hebrew Choice and Possibilities: Now More Than Ever

    Hebrew Choice and Possibilities: Now More Than Ever
    It would almost be easier if the only choice of Hebrew approach was one-size-fits-all. But there’s no right answer. There are so many interesting and different ways students learn Hebrew these days.
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  5. Leading Through Disruption

    Change is happening all around us, and there are many forces at work tempting us to pay attention to other things. David Behrman offers some ways we can focus on the newly disrupted world.
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