The Synagogue

Take a tour through the gathering place of the Jewish people.
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Take a tour through the gathering place of the Jewish people.

 A synagogue is a holy place for the Jewish people. Help your students feel at home in the synagogue. This introduction covers it all--the synagogue's history; its ritual objects; and how it serves as a house of prayer, a house of study, and a house of meeting.


1. Where Our Ancestors First Worshipped
2. The Holy Temple
3. Synagogues Around the World
4. The Sanctuary
5. The Torah
6. How We Pray
7. Three Houses in One

Humor and creativity bring this informative book to life, while activities provide an opportunity for students to review what they have learned and to develop their critical thinking skills.

Special features:

    • What Do You Think?--provocative questions to engage students' curiosity and analytical skills

    • Did You Know?--sidebars offer an opportunity to explore a point of interest in depth

    • In Your Synagogue--students discover the unique qualities of their own synagogue

This richly illustrated volume includes pictures of synagogues from around the world. Students will especially enjoy the opportunity to design their own synagogue, with space for the many activities that take place in the house of the Jewish people.