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A Place to Belong

Julie Castano
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How Debbie Friedman became one of Judaism’s best-known singer/songwriters. 

Debbie waits beside gleaming candlesticks. Bubbie and Zayde hurry downstairs. Aunts, uncles, and cousins arrive just in time.

Hiss goes Bubbie’s match as it touches flickering flame to candles. Debbie snuggles close. They whisper the blessing together.

“Good Shabbos!”

The room overflows with chatter. Hugs. The heavenly smell of Mother’s brisket. Laughter at Debbie’s jokes and comical expressions.

And joy, always, at her sweet singing.

Debbie’s Jewish life in Utica, New York, is full. This is where she belongs.

But Father wants a change. One day he announces, “We’re moving to Minnesota. To a new life!” Debbie clings to Bubbie. She doesn’t want to go.

Saint Paul is lonely. No laughing with aunts, uncles, and cousins. No lighting candles with Bubbie. Debbie wonders, Will I ever belong?