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  1. Simple Tips for Smooth School Orders

    As you start thinking about placing your order for the coming school year, here are some helpful tips.

    Have any questions or prefer to order by phone? Call 800-221-2755 to speak to a representative. Or you can also place an order via email.

    If you are new in your role, please contact us so we can update your account.

    Ordering Online

    • To take advantage of your religious institution discount and to order on your school's account, make sure you’re signed in with your school's account before adding items to your cart.
    • Not sure which email address is linked to your school's account? Contact us. If you’re logged in, you don't need a coupon code and will be able to see your discounted price right on the website as you browse. All eli
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  2. Saliman and the Memory Stone

    Saliman and the Memory Stone
    What can a little boy do when he has to leave the only home he has ever known?
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  3. A Purim Story of Courage by Jane Yolen

    A Purim Story of Courage by Jane Yolen

    Micah loved the noise maker, known as a gragger, that he used at his family's Purim party. With it they celebrated the defeat of the wicked Haman, a bully from biblical times who tried to get rid of the Jews. The gragger made him feel mighty! But on his way home, the gragger was lost.

    This is the context of Mighty Micah, a new Purim picture book by bestselling author Jane Yolen.

    Micah was nervous that without his gragger, he wouldn't be able to be brave, like Queen Esther. 

    However, his gragger was powerful. It journeyed from a raccoon's hands, to a fish's mouth, to a heron's beak, back to Micah's front steps.

    Joyful at the return of his gragger, Micah takes it to school to show the class, so everyone could feel its mighty whirr, whirr, whirr, and they too could feel powerful and safe.

    Also included is a note from the author with a brief summary

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  4. First Price Increase in Four Years

    We worked throughout the pandemic beyond to avoid price increases on school materials.

    And we succeeded: we held prices steady for four years across our backlist in our effort to support our school customers through a very difficult period, while making available the broadest and deepest selection of materials for Jewish education you can find anywhere. At the same time, as educators pivoted to Zoom and other remote learning options, we increased access to our materials by creating online versions, made downloadable pdfs and other versions available, and provided a variety of free instant lessons. As recently as this fall we made another rich set of resources and a number of digital children's picture books about Israel available at no charge for those seeking to help kids develop context for what has been going on since October 7.

    In the past two years, however, printing, freight, and other costs have skyrocketed. A series of meetings

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  5. Sales and Marketing at Behrman House, Apples & Honey Press

    Sales and Marketing at Behrman House, Apples & Honey Press

    At Behrman House/Apples & Honey Press we combine individual attention with distribution that has national and international reach.

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  6. A Fresh Modern Shalom Uvrachah

    Shalom Uvrachah has been fully redesigned for today's learners.

    This effective Hebrew primer, our most widely used, is being updated with a fresh new look (goodbye, argyle sweaters) and some new activities (hello, partner work and more fun) to modernize this popular resource for teaching and learning to decode Hebrew using key cultural words.

    The revised

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  7. Imagine, Explore, Make, Wonder: Let There Be Play!

    Imagine, Explore, Make, Wonder: Let There Be Play!
    Coming in June 2024, the best Bible resource book ever, from award winner and 2023 Covenant Foundation Jewish Family Education Fellow Jonathan Schmidt Chapman.
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  8. We Need Some Heroes: The Heroes Haggadah

    We Need Some Heroes: The Heroes Haggadah

    Coming for Passover 2024, a haggadah that recognizes the heroism in Jewish culture and its contribution to our world and the enduring story of freedom that began with the ancient Exodus.

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  9. BREATH TAKING: Questions for Discussion

    Discussion Questions for BREATH TAKING

    This page under construction. Please check back later for discussion questions for book groups and others.

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  10. Even in the face of tragedy you can choose how to live. BREATH TAKING

    Even in the face of tragedy you can choose how to live. BREATH TAKING
    Coming May 2024: A compelling memoir about choosing to live with joy in the face of the unimaginable. "A story of relentless heartbreak met with wit, strength, and resilience." --ELLE Magazine " A master class in how to be a person." --Joanna Rakoff, author of My Salinger Year "The guide star so many seek when life hands them more than they ever imagined they could endure." --Daniel DeFabio, The Disorder Channel
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