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eliana light

  1. Meet the Hebrew in Harmony Musicians

    Ellen Allard has been performing and teaching music for more than 30 years. An award-winning recording artist, composer, performer, and educator, she charms audiences with her interactive, infectious, and entertaining music.


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  2. Meet Eliana Light: A Featured Hebrew in Harmony Musician

    Hebrew in Harmony—the new prayer curriculum for 4th-6th graders—features music from today's top Jewish musicians. This is part of a series profiling some of these talented artists.

    Eliana Light, music director and curriculum author

    Who are your musical influences?

    I find that my writing is a combination of classic rock, country, alt rock, and folk, with some Raffi thrown in.

    What prayer most resonates with you, and why?

    The answer to this one changes all the time, but today it’s Ahavat Olam- how do we feel God's love in ourselves, and how can we share and magnify that love to the world?

    What's one instrument you wish you could play?


    What's one technique you use to engage your congr

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