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  1. New Web-Based Resource for Hebrew in Harmony

    Now Available!

    Teaching Hebrew prayer through music just got easier. The Hebrew in Harmony audio, music, videos, and meaning-making materials are all now in one place online. There are 22 prayer modules to choose from, and you can teach them in any order. 

    Why it matters: The online enhanced turnpage booklets will replace the Hebrew in Harmony Digital App, so all the student materials will be in one place. It combines all the best elements of the app with a digital version of to student booklets.

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  2. Warehouse Delays Are Not a Happy Way to Begin the New Year

    Dear Colleague,

    The supply problems and shipping delays that are plaguing the entire U.S.—in fact the worldwide—economy have hit us here in Jewish education as well, and we want to provide you with an update on our book shipping situation.

    As you may already be painfully aware, our Ohio warehouse partner is backlogged, and our shipments are running late, in some cases 2-3 weeks or more.  We’re in touch with them daily; they a re prioritizing our shipments and those of their other education-related clients, but they are having difficulty finding adequate staff. They have flown people in from other locations and have executive and other staff doing temporary duty in picking and packing books; so far it hasn’t been enough.

    In addition, while the war

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  3. Top Tips to Get the Most from Online Turn-Page Materials

    Top Tips to Get the Most from Online Turn-Page Materials

    Four best practices for using the materials successfully.

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  4. Jewish Trivia + Competition = Jewpardy

    Jewish Trivia + Competition = Jewpardy

    This popular trivia game is available in 12 Jewish-themed versions.

    What is Jewpardy?

    This FREE web resource has been updated for use without Flash. It comes in 12 different versions, with themes such as Purim, Bible, and Shabbat. 

    Find Jewpardy on the Play & Learn section of the Behrman House website.

    All of Jewpardy questions are also available in PDF format so you can play offline, or at a Shabbat or holiday program. Click here for the PDF version.

    The Play & Learn site also houses plenty of other free resources for learners of all age to use - whenever,

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  5. New Ready-to-Go Activities and Lessons: Our Gift to You

    New Ready-to-Go Activities and Lessons: Our Gift to You

    Behrman House has just released a new batch of free, ready-to-go lessons and activities for Hanukkah and Hebrew.

    Every few months we have been curating Hebrew and Judaics resources for learners of all ages to get you through this important and difficult time in Jewish education. Whether you are back in the classroom, continuing remote learning, or implementing a blended home/school environment, our resources can provide a meaningful learning experience for your students.

    Thousands of educators and students have been using these free downloadable materials, and we've just refreshed them with new Hebrew lessons and hands-on learning for Hanukkah. 

    In addition, we've also put together are some Guides for Remote Learning for Hebrew and for 

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  6. Flash-Based Apps Are Gone. Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered.

    Flash-Based Apps Are Gone. Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered.

    For a long time in multimedia software development, Flash was the foundation. That era has ended. Users will no longer have any ability to run Flash-based apps or web programs.

    What does that mean for Behrman House digital resources?


    Our most popular Hebrew apps do not rely on Flash at all. 

    This includes the following apps, all of which are designed to work on mobile devices.  

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  7. Free Hebrew Prayer Practice Now Usable on All Devices

    The Prayer Practice page can now be accessed from all devices, no Flash required.

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  8. Your Top Tech Questions, Answered

    Your Top Tech Questions, Answered

    When it comes to placing orders, using our digital products, navigating our site, and more, here's what you need to know to work through common tech questions.

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  9. Judaics Materials Now Available for Remote Learning

    Judaics Materials Now Available for Remote Learning

    Access to online turn-page versions to many of our most popular Hebrew and Judaics materials is now available in a package to help you safeguard your program and learning goals.

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  10. Creative and Playful Ways to Engage Learners on Zoom

    Creative and Playful Ways to Engage Learners on Zoom

    We've teamed up with video conference experts Better Together Labs to bring you some much-requested professional development.

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