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Hebrew In Harmony

  1. A Texas School Leader: “The Year Has Been Tremendous Because of Hebrew in Harmony”

    Of all the challenges students at Congregation Beth Israel in Houston have faced this year, learning Hebrew has not been one of them.

    The school uses Hebrew in Harmony curriculum for grades 3-6, and this year, just as in pre-pandemic times, students learn to read Hebrew with fluency and develop connections the prayers. This year, perhaps even faster.

    “Our Hebrew program has excelled this year,” says David Scott, director of lifelong learning. “The year has been tremendous in many ways because of Hebrew in Harmony. The curriculum works really well, and we’ve found that being fully online this year has really opened up even more opportunities for us to create and develop new ways of engaging children online with Hebrew.”

    The Hebrew goals of the Miriam Browning Jewish Learning Center of Beth Israel are tefilah-based. Students are grouped by skill level, and they work on mastering reading each pray

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  2. Free Hebrew Prayer Practice Now Usable on All Devices

    The Prayer Practice page can now be accessed from all devices, no Flash required.

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  3. Using Hebrew in Harmony Makes Transition to Distance Learning Easy, Educators Say

    Using Hebrew in Harmony Makes Transition to Distance Learning Easy, Educators Say

    "We’re seeing that some children have really latched onto their Hebrew as a way to feel like they are DOING something.”

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  4. Tools to Master the Mah Nishtanah

    Tools to Master the Mah Nishtanah

    For a limited time, we’re making available the Mah Nishtanah digital module of Hebrew in Harmony - our innovative music-based curriculum - for FREE.

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  5. Hebrew in Harmony In-App Purchase Now Available

    Hebrew in Harmony In-App Purchase Now Available

    More than 60 prayers and songs from dozens of today’s top Jewish musicians can be found in Hebrew in Harmony Digital.  Individuals can now use the app through the Apple App Store.

    This means that parents or other adults who want to learn the music and practice their own Hebrew skills can do so on their own devices.

    *Educators using the app with a class or group still need to purchase it through Once purchased, you can download the app from the Apple App store, sign in, and get started with your class. Alternately, you can play the app from our website. 

    Directions for Individual Use 

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  6. The Rigorous Foundation of Hebrew in Harmony

    Beneath the surface prayer program is a rigorous pedagogic structure that has been carefully crafted to home in on specific concepts, skills, and content.

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  7. How to Introduce Hebrew in Harmony to Parents

     Parent support and encouragement is key to student learning. This is especially true when introducing a new curriculum that has an at-home component, such as Hebrew in Harmony.

    Here are some strategies to get parents comfortable and on board:

    • • Make sure children are utterly familiar with the app before sending home information to parents. Use it in class to play the music and watch the introductory videos. Give students opportunities to practice reading Hebrew and playing the games so they can later teach their parents how the app works. The app is available on all devices, and we recommend accessing via an iPad for the best experience.
    • • Hold a parent session to demonstrate the app (that their children have already excitedly told them about) and explain the benefits of regular Hebrew practice at home
    • • Send parents a
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  8. Hebrew in Harmony Tips to Start the Year Strong

    Hebrew in Harmony Tips to Start the Year Strong
    Here are some tips to help you begin the new year with confidence.
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  9. New, Simple Sign-In for Hebrew in Harmony Digital

    New, Simple Sign-In for Hebrew in Harmony Digital
    Hebrew in Harmony Digital is now easier to access than ever before. Students, teachers, and administrators can now set up and sign in from the app itself.
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  10. Coming Soon: New Simple Setup for Hebrew in Harmony Digital

    Coming Soon: New Simple Setup for Hebrew in Harmony Digital

    Coming August 15, Hebrew in Harmony Digital will be available with a new simple setup to ensure easy access for students, teachers, and administrators.

    No email addresses or passwords to remember - the app will remember you every time!

    Note: If you're already set up with Hebrew in Harmony Digital in the Online Learning Center, you can continue to access it there. This is an alternate option. 

    Here's how it will work:

    • Purchase a license for the app (one per user) from Make sure you're signed into your account. If you don't have an account, you can create one on the spot.

    After August 15:

    Download and open the app or view it on a computer. The administrator or education director will be prompted to sign into the app using the a

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