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Monthly Archives: February 2021

  1. Afikomen Gifts Through Jewish Storytelling

    For Passover, consider giving these children’s books from Apples & Honey Press, sure to connect young readers to their Jewish roots.
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  2. Stand-Alone Spring Holiday Lessons Now Available for Download

    Stand-Alone Spring Holiday Lessons Now Available for Download

    Behrman House has just released a new batch of free, ready-to-go lessons and activities for Passover and Yom Ha'atzma'ut.

    Here's a sample of the new material now available on our free Educator Resource page:

    • K-2 - Hear the story of Exodus, discuss the theme of freedom, and explore some key seder rituals through crafts and other fun activities.
    • 3-6 - Explore how Yom Ha'atzma'ut started, how we celebrate it, and why it’s important to the Jewish people.
    • 3-6 - Analyze the story of Moses and Aaron confronting Pharaoh, and discuss why justice is important and how to identify injustice.
    • 7+ -  Learn how and why we celebrate Israel’s Independence Day, and find personal connections to the holiday.

    We're also giving you access to a downloadable Hebrew unit from Shalom, Rea

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  3. Plan Next Year's Program by Setting Hebrew Goals

    Plan Next Year's Program by Setting Hebrew Goals

    Strong Hebrew programs have a clear rationale, a reason for doing what you're doing.

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  4. Four Apples & Honey Press Authors Receive PJ Library Awards

    Four Apples & Honey Press authors received Author Incentive Awards from PJ Library.

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  5. A Resource to Sharpen Hebrew Skills Right Now

    A Resource to Sharpen Hebrew Skills Right Now

    Winter and Purim combine with ready-to-go activities from Shalom, Reader to help students practice Hebrew in small bites.

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  6. Ready-to-Go Activities for Purim Learning

    Ready-to-Go Activities for Purim Learning

    Enjoy these simple, ready-to-go activities focused on Purim and its big themes. 

    For Your Youngest Learners

    Movement and mindfulness

    Try this activity about bravery - a Purim theme. Tell children to tilt their heads up and stand straight and tall. Or try making strong muscles in their arms. Invite children to make brave poses. Encourage them to notice where in their bodies they feel brave. (in my muscles; in my heart; my brain; my arms and legs) Suggest they try another pose and see if their brave feeling changes too. Have them create a pose that shows what bravery feels like in their body. (This activity comes from the Let’s Discover the Holidays series of 4-page folders.)

    Story time

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