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Monthly Archives: May 2021

  1. How to Choose the Best Hebrew Primer for Learners of All Ages

    Decoding Hebrew opens the gates to a world of skills and deeper connection to Jewish prayer, culture, and tradition. 

    Now's the time to start thinking about your Hebrew program for the upcoming year. So how to decide which primer is best for your learners?

    Here's an overview of our most popular primers: 

    Alef Bet Quest 

    Best for: Grades 3-4
    Students learn Hebrew through a guided virtual tour of Israel. Teaches new letters and vowels from real Hebrew words, with an emphasis on those found in the prayer book. Alef Bet

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  2. Screen-Free Rainy Summer Day Activities

    Summer break is nearly here. 

    Whether children are at home or off at camp, there will be plenty of opportunities for quiet activity. Build in some chances to deepen Jewish connection with these screen-free activity ideas.

    Coloring Books

    For some solitary down time, any of the titles from our Shalom Coloring series will do. Young artists can choose to color Jewish designs,

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  3. How Do You Approach T'filah? Here's a Way to Connect Students to Prayer

    How Do You Approach T'filah? Here's a Way to Connect Students to Prayer

    Here’s a challenge for Jewish educators: An 8th grade student tells his teacher how he doesn’t feel a connection to prayer, even as he "put forth positive energy" to the practice. The student says he’s searching for a way to break through "the blockade between the heart and God.”

    This true heartfelt story highlights what many educators know: that while it's important to study the words and mechanics of the prayer, in many ways it's even more important to guide students toward finding the intention that gives meaning to the prayers.

    As educator Batsheva Frankel writes in The Jewish Educator's Companion, "It's difficult to help students relate to the

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  4. Simple Tips for Easy School Orders

    Simple Tips for Easy School Orders
    It’s probably been a while since you made your yearly school order. Here are some basics to get you started.
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  5. Terry Kaye Marks 30-Year Anniversary at Behrman House

    Terry Kaye Marks 30-Year Anniversary at Behrman House

    Thirty years ago, a mom with young daughters and educational training and experience joined our staff part-time to help field educators’ questions about our books and other classroom materials.

    She was originally from South Africa, and so most of the time callers would ask if she was British. No, she’d reply, South African. Oh, are you from Johannesburg? No, Cape Town. Oh, do you know so-and-so? Usually not, but it was fun to hear just that one side of that conversation.

    Since that time Terry Kaye has become part of the fabric of Behrman House.  She’s left her mark on our Hebrew materials from classics such as Hineni to the more recent Hebrew in Harmony curriculum, with work on haggadot such as Seder in Motion and Essential Seder, and on a host of Judaica titles as well.  She has been the face of Behrman House at conferences, training sessions, and webinars. Today she manages our print program, ensur

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  6. Planning for Next Year? Here’s How to Order Turn-Page Materials

    Planning for Next Year? Here’s How to Order Turn-Page Materials

    More than 50 different Hebrew and Judaics student materials now available in turn-page format for the 2021-22 school year.

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