Summer break is nearly here. 

Whether children are at home or off at camp, there will be plenty of opportunities for quiet activity. Build in some chances to deepen Jewish connection with these screen-free activity ideas.

Coloring Books

For some solitary down time, any of the titles from our Shalom Coloring series will do. Young artists can choose to color Jewish designs, Bible mandalas, or animals of the Bible — or they can pack all three! Regardless of artistic ability, these coloring books offer several pages of guided coloring practice. Even the most inexperienced of artists can complete a beautiful piece of art worthy of admiration.

Looking for something a little different? Try Oy Vey! A Yiddish Coloring Book? Each image is paired with a Yiddish word, its translation, and a funny joke to share with fellow camp-goers. You'll be kvelling at all the Yiddish your young learners have picked up!  Note: While not meant specifically for children, many will enjoy this title.


Activity Books

Kosher Crosswords includes 68 puzzles of all difficulty level, plus tips from the author about how to solve crosswords. The beginner and easy puzzles are appropriate for middle schoolers on up. Don't worry about getting stuck — there's an answer key in the back available.

Older campers preparing for Bar or Bat Mitzvah can bring along Make This Journal: My Bar/Mat Mitzvah Year. Preparing for the big day can be exciting, busy, joyous, and sometimes even stressful. They can find some peace on their journey with this interactive journal. Prompts ask them to write your biggest fears, fill pages with pictures and words about why they love being Jewish, fill a page with happy thoughts, and more.


Playing Cards

Card games are time-tested sources of fun for both children and adults. They are also full of both social and academic benefits. 

Hooked on Hebrew is a new series of card games that reinforce Hebrew alphabet and prayers - whether in school or at home or over the summer. 

The following card decks are available:

Hooked On Hebrew: Hebrew Alphabet 1 

A single beginner deck.

This card deck is also available on Amazon



Hooked on Hebrew Phonics Pack

This pack contains four different decks: 

  • Hebrew Alphabet 1 (with hints)
  • Hebrew Alphabet 2 (no hints)
  • Hebrew Vowels 1
  • Hebrew Vowels 2

Hooked on Hebrew Prayer Pack

This pack contains three decks:

  • Sh'ma and V'ahavta
  • Aleinu
  • Mi Chamocha



For pre-teens and teens, pack a deck of Jewish Values Challenge Playing Cards. Young learners will become familiar with 58 Jewish values as they play their way through 13 different games. These cards not only encourage fun while learning, they aid in:

  • Team building
  • Skills development
  • Social justice programs
  • Mitzvah project development


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