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classroom ideas

  1. Improv Games to Engage Your Students and Break the Ice

    Improv Games to Engage Your Students and Break the Ice
    Improv games are a captivating way to focus students’ energy and attention, and bring students to the present moment. Here are some ideas to try with your students as you begin the new year.
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  2. Meet a Model Madrichim Program

    Meet a Model Madrichim Program

    "Our teens are our crown jewels." What's M'kor Shalom's secret sauce? 

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  3. Go Beyond Apple Activities to Get to Rosh Hashanah's Big Ideas

    We've got a sample of a lesson from Make, Create, Celebrate about Rosh Hashanah and its key theme of reflection.
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  4. Tech Tools: Classroom Screen

    Tech Tools: Classroom Screen
    Written by Debbie Harris, Tech Tools brings you excellent technology tips to inspire you and add creativity to your teaching.

    The Technology

    Classroom Screen is a free website that provides several really handy tools for you to use in your classroom. Some require that you have a projector or interactive whiteboard, but others are useful even without one. To use Classroom Screen, simply open the website, wait a couple of seconds for it to load, and get to work. There is no account for which to register, and no money to pay (although the author does invite contributions). Classroom Screen works on a computer or tablet.

    My favorite Classroom Screen tools are:

    • Work symbols. This allows you to post an icon on screen that tells students what their voice level should be during your lesson (whisper, working together, silence, or ask a neighbor)
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  5. 4 Classroom Management Tips to Start the School Year

    4 Classroom Management Tips to Start the School Year
    The most important part of classroom management is building respectful relationships with and between your students, according to Batsheva Frankel, author of The Jewish Educator's Companion.
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  6. How to Use Storybooks These High Holidays

    Children love listening to stories. Whether they’re family stories told around the table, or books read aloud before bedtime or in a group with peers, stories are powerful ways of communication for young people.

    Ann Koffsky, an editor at Apples & Honey Press, points out that “our Jewish tradition is full of stories. It starts with the Torah and continues with the Aggadah and Midrashim in the Talmud.” Storytelling is also part of our more modern tradition with the Haggadah on Passover and the stories of Chassidic masters, like the Baal Shem Tov and Rebbe Nachman.

    In The Secret of Happy Families, author Bruce Feiler describes research findings that “knowing stories of their family and the history of their family is best single predictor of children’s emotional health and happiness.” When we tell our children the traditional stories that have been handed down to us from generation to generation, we are not just transmitting a code of behavior,

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