Tech Tools: Classroom Screen
Written by Debbie Harris, Tech Tools brings you excellent technology tips to inspire you and add creativity to your teaching.

The Technology

Classroom Screen is a free website that provides several really handy tools for you to use in your classroom. Some require that you have a projector or interactive whiteboard, but others are useful even without one. To use Classroom Screen, simply open the website, wait a couple of seconds for it to load, and get to work. There is no account for which to register, and no money to pay (although the author does invite contributions). Classroom Screen works on a computer or tablet.

My favorite Classroom Screen tools are:

  • Work symbols. This allows you to post an icon on screen that tells students what their voice level should be during your lesson (whisper, working together, silence, or ask a neighbor)
  • A timer. Easy to use, this timer counts the seconds and minutes with one click.
  • An exit poll. This feature lets you to ask your students a simple question, like “Did you enjoy the lesson today?” and allows them to answer by clicking on an icon that best reflects their opinion. To access this feature, click on the red and green icon on the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

In Your Classroom

  • - Use the timer as part of a speed-round game, where you review the facts of your lesson.
  • - At the end of your lesson, post a question to measure the interest level of your students in the subject. Ask: Would you like to learn more about Sukkot? Did you enjoy learning about the lulav and etrog

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