1. Reminisce with Behrman House on Our 100th Birthday

    Reminisce with Behrman House on Our 100th Birthday

    “In the 1980’s we introduced our 800 number (800-221-2755) but for a while it was still less expensive to encourage people to call MU 4-2742 and reverse the charges. Customers usually did this to place their yearly school orders. One day a congregation called from California, asking to reverse the charges. Our office manager, Sheila Tannenbaum, interrupted a meeting Jacob Behrman and I were having to ask if that was ok. He answered yes and we continued with our meeting. A few moments later, Sheila interrupted again. ‘You won’t believe it. The rabbi’s secretary wanted to know what the weather is in New York because the rabbi is coming here this week." He told her, 'Behrman House knows everything. Ask them.'”   --Seymour Rossel, author and former Executive Editor of Behrman House.

    Do you have a fond or funny memory of Behrman House? Did you drive the forklift at a visit to our old warehouse? Did you have an unusual encounter with a student ove

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  2. Behrman House Celebrates 100 Years

    What does a one-hundred-year-old Jewish publishing firm do to celebrate a big birthday? It publishes a book!

    Behrman House: A Century of Jewish Publishing (Behrman House, 2021), described as both classy and quirky, tells the story of three generations of Behrman family ownership that began in New York City in 1921 and continued uninterrupted through ten decades, creating books that “set an esthetic standard other publishers had to meet.” [1]

    In that time, the firm that began as a modest Judaica bookshop on Manhattan’s lower Fifth Avenue selling prayerbooks and ritual objects grew into a trade publisher and the leading creator of Jewish educational materials, one that has counted among its customers most of the Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist synag

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  3. Terry Kaye Marks 30-Year Anniversary at Behrman House

    Terry Kaye Marks 30-Year Anniversary at Behrman House

    Thirty years ago, a mom with young daughters and educational training and experience joined our staff part-time to help field educators’ questions about our books and other classroom materials.

    She was originally from South Africa, and so most of the time callers would ask if she was British. No, she’d reply, South African. Oh, are you from Johannesburg? No, Cape Town. Oh, do you know so-and-so? Usually not, but it was fun to hear just that one side of that conversation.

    Since that time Terry Kaye has become part of the fabric of Behrman House.  She’s left her mark on our Hebrew materials from classics such as Hineni to the more recent Hebrew in Harmony curriculum, with work on haggadot such as Seder in Motion and Essential Seder, and on a host of Judaica titles as well.  She has been the face of Behrman House at conferences, training sessions, and webinars. Today she manages our print program, ensur

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  4. Turning Trepidation into Jubilation: One Teacher's Tech Story

    Turning Trepidation into Jubilation: One Teacher's Tech Story

    My first reaction to a new computer skill is dread and fear. The Behrman House digital turn-page versions helped me switch to teaching remotely. If I can do this, so can you.  

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  5. How to Get Good at Getting Older: Q&A with Author Laura Geller

    How to Get Good at Getting Older: Q&A with Author Laura Geller

    Getting Good at Getting Older, by Richard Siegel and Rabbi Laura Geller, was named a 2019 National Jewish Book Award Finalist. It is a tour for all of us

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  6. High School Senior Plays Key Role in Creating Alef Bet Quest Mobile App

    High School Senior Plays Key Role in Creating Alef Bet Quest Mobile App

    The strong Hebrew skills learned at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School opened the door to this opportunity

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  7. Join Seltzertopia Author Barry Joseph on September 22 in New Jersey

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  8. Former Behrman House Intern Wins Baron Book Prize

    Sunny Yudkoff, former Behrman House intern and now an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, has won the 2018 Baron Book Prize. This prize from the American Academy for Jewish Research is awarded to the author of the best first book in Jewish studies published in the previous year. The prize of $5000 will be awarded at the annual luncheon.

    From Behrman House Partner, Vicki Weber: "What a well-deserved honor! We have such a fond spot in our hearts for Sunny and it has been a treat to follow her career and celebrate her many accomplishments.” While she had a hand in many editorial projects during her time as an editorial intern at Behrman House, perhaps her most unusual contribution was as the voice of Batya in the digital components of Alef Bet Quest and Kol Yisrael. “We’ve been

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  9. Fond Farewell to Joan Carr

    Fond Farewell to Joan Carr
    After many decades as a Jewish educator, Joan will be retiring at the end of June.
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  10. Welcome to Our New Behrman House Team Member

    We are pleased to announce that Mindy Strauss has joined Behrman House as our full time bookkeeper. She handles all accounts payable, credit memos, and general office bookkeeping tasks. 

    Mindy has a background in banking and comes to us after several years at home raising her two children, and has been an active volunteer at her temple and children's school. She loves mah jongg, the Yankees, and her dog Timmy. She is conscientious and kind and fits right in with our team in our New Jersey home base. We are very happy to have her as a colleague.

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