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Monthly Archives: September 2019

  1. Hebrew Wordshops: Alef-Bet Soup

    Written by Dr. Jeremy Benstein, "Hebrew Wordshops - A New Way to Connect to Hebrew" explores the potency of the three-letter roots that enrich our connection to Hebrew and Jewish values. 

    If the alef bet is any indication, Greek and Hebrew share a lot. The first letters of the Greek alphabet are α, β, γ, δ—alpha, beta, gamma, delta. And Hebrew? א ,בּ ,ג ,ד—alef, bet, gimmel, dalet.

    The same ancient Semitic system, Phoenician in origin, of which Hebrew is one example, gave rise not only to Greek but also Arabic, Latin, and Cyrillic alphabets.  

    Yet Greek and Hebrew are very different languages, and are even written in opposite directions. As Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai once wrote, one goes west to east, while the other goes east to west.

    In Hebrew, the names of most of the letters actually mean something. They are words, not just sounds. The consonants comprising the name

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  2. Simple Reflection Activities to Deepen Learner's Connections to Yom Kippur

    Simple Reflection Activities to Deepen Learner's Connections to Yom Kippur
    From our vast trove of learning materials, we rounded up some simple resources for you to to inspire learners to look inward as they start this new year.
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  3. Seeing Even This New School Year with Rosh Hashanah Lenses

    Seeing Even This New School Year with Rosh Hashanah Lenses
    What wonderful lessons can you learn about starting a new year of teaching from the Rosh Hashanah symbols?
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  4. Join Seltzertopia Author Barry Joseph on September 22 in New Jersey

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  5. Sharing the Sound of the Shofar

    Sharing the Sound of the Shofar
    How one young man bring the sound of shofar to others.
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  6. 5 Quick Rosh Hashanah Activities

    Rosh Hashanah Interview

    Educator Batsheva Frankel devotes an entire chapter of her essential Jewish Educator’s Companion to experiential education for formal educational settings. Here’s one idea for an experience, based on the idea that Rosh Hashanah is like a year-end review between an employee and the boss.  Have students prepare for their reviews, filling out a self-reflection form (create a template) about their strengths and weaknesses, areas in which they’d like to improve, and accomplishments from the past year.  Children can dress up nicely—to impress their employer—adding to the drama. They meet with one of the boss’s assistants (a great way to incorporate older students or teens) to review the form and together make a concrete plan of action

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  7. Former Behrman House Intern Wins Baron Book Prize

    Sunny Yudkoff, former Behrman House intern and now an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, has won the 2018 Baron Book Prize. This prize from the American Academy for Jewish Research is awarded to the author of the best first book in Jewish studies published in the previous year. The prize of $5000 will be awarded at the annual luncheon.

    From Behrman House Partner, Vicki Weber: "What a well-deserved honor! We have such a fond spot in our hearts for Sunny and it has been a treat to follow her career and celebrate her many accomplishments.” While she had a hand in many editorial projects during her time as an editorial intern at Behrman House, perhaps her most unusual contribution was as the voice of Batya in the digital components of Alef Bet Quest and Kol Yisrael. “We’ve been

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  8. Warm Up Hebrew Skills for the New Year

    Freshen up learners' Hebrew skills with these resources to help them review and practice in small bites.
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  9. Starting Decoding Later? Here are Some Tools to Help Learners

    Starting Decoding Later? Here are Some Tools to Help Learners
    Children who learn to decode just a year or two before their b'nai mitzvah need special supports to get up to speed quickly. Here are a few of our favorite tools for late decoders.
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  10. Eight Colorful Storybooks for the Fall Holidays

    These entertaining and meaningful storybooks make a great addition to your classroom — especially during the holidays.
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