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  1. Improv Games to Engage Your Students and Break the Ice

    Improv Games to Engage Your Students and Break the Ice
    Improv games are a captivating way to focus students’ energy and attention, and bring students to the present moment. Here are some ideas to try with your students as you begin the new year.
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  2. Meet a Model Madrichim Program

    Meet a Model Madrichim Program

    "Our teens are our crown jewels." What's M'kor Shalom's secret sauce? 

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  3. Go Beyond Apple Activities to Get to Rosh Hashanah's Big Ideas

    We've got a sample of a lesson from Make, Create, Celebrate about Rosh Hashanah and its key theme of reflection.
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  4. How to Introduce Hebrew in Harmony to Parents

     Parent support and encouragement is key to student learning. This is especially true when introducing a new curriculum that has an at-home component, such as Hebrew in Harmony.

    Here are some strategies to get parents comfortable and on board:

    • • Make sure children are utterly familiar with the app before sending home information to parents. Use it in class to play the music and watch the introductory videos. Give students opportunities to practice reading Hebrew and playing the games so they can later teach their parents how the app works. The app is available on all devices, and we recommend accessing via an iPad for the best experience.
    • • Hold a parent session to demonstrate the app (that their children have already excitedly told them about) and explain the benefits of regular Hebrew practice at home
    • • Send parents a
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  5. New, Simple Sign-In for Hebrew in Harmony Digital

    New, Simple Sign-In for Hebrew in Harmony Digital
    Hebrew in Harmony Digital is now easier to access than ever before. Students, teachers, and administrators can now set up and sign in from the app itself.
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  6. Hebrew Benchmarks: How to Assess Students at the Start of a New School Year

    Assessment is a tool to help you chart a learning path for each student. 

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  7. Teaching the Holocaust to Children

    Teaching the Holocaust to Children
    The best way to broach tough topics with students is through age-appropriate ways. We have some resources.
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  8. Make Your Own Makerspace

    Make Your Own Makerspace
    They're popping up in schools, libraries, and private facilities everywhere. Is it right for your school?
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  9. Tech Tools: Instagram in the Classroom

    Tech Tools: Instagram in the Classroom
    Your students love Instagram. Here's a classroom-safe version.
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  10. How to Create Inclusive Learning Environments

    How to Create Inclusive Learning Environments

    February is Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month, and provides an opportunity to examine how your services and learning environments meet the needs of all your students.

    In Everyone is Welcome, Steven Rau and Stacey Levy state that “families need to know that our congregations are safe places for all students, no matter their differences or special needs.” There are ways to adapt school communities, classrooms, and teaching methods to be more accessible and inclusive of all students, regardless of their physical, emotional, or intellectual challenges.

    Here are some tips:

    Make simple classroom accommodations – Arrange the room so all students can see the board and teacher. If you use pods or groupings around tables, make sure you have a plan for students to face you when speaking. U-shape

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