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Monthly Archives: August 2021

  1. A New Jonah Story to Supplement Yom Kippur Teaching

    A New Jonah Story to Supplement Yom Kippur Teaching

    The Book of Jonah, with its message of religious universalism, comprises almost the entire afternoon reading for Yom Kippur. The Jonah story highlights how all people, Jews and non-Jews, are entitled to God's blessing and forgiveness.

    For young children, supplement your Yom Kippur teaching with an approachable retelling of the Bible story. 

    Jonah's Tale of a Whale, by Barry Schwartz and illustrated by James Rey Sanchez, tells the story of Jonah using simple words and features dramatic illustrations that bring it to life.

    Jonah lived by the sea. As a boy, he heard fishermen tell tales of whales that swallowed up ships. But he never expected to be swallowed up himself.
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  2. "We've Really Seen Improvement:" Card Games Build Hebrew Skills

    Every week this summer, students from Temple Shaari Emeth in Manalapan New Jersey, met to play games and socialize.

    The fun and relaxed environment also created an easy space for children in grades 3-6 to practice their Hebrew skills.

    They used Hooked on Hebrew playing cards to play "tons" of games, such as Bingo, Crazy 8's, Go Fish, and Memory, at the synagogue's Summer Hebrew Enrichment program. "We used the decks every single week because the students loved them so much," said Melissa Pescatore, director of religious education. 

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  3. L'hitra'ot, Terry Kaye

    L'hitra'ot, Terry Kaye

    Terry Kaye, will be saying l’hitra’ot to Behrman House after a stellar 30-year career. 

    "I have loved working so closely with so many educators and will miss being in regular contact," she said. "I've had a wonderful career at Behrman House."

    Terry joined the company in 1991 part-time to answer phones and help field educators’ questions about our books and other classroom materials. 

    Over the years, she left her mark on virtually every aspect of Behrman House - whether leading the creation of Hebrew curriculum such as Hineni and Hebrew in Harmony or running conference workshops and webinars or developing deep relationships with Jewish educators around North America. 

    To her colleagues all over the Jewish community she has been a model of professionalism and passion for education. 

    "Terry Kaye

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  4. Meet Apples & Honey Press Illustrators

     Excuse us while this page is under construction! More information about our Apples & Honey Press Contributors is being added every day!

    Giovanni Abeille

    Illustrator of Rose Spoke Out: The Story of Rose Schneiderman

    Giovanni Abeille is an Italian illustrator born and raised in Naples, a beautiful city in southern Italy overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. From an early age he filled albums, sheets, and notebooks with drawings and continues to do so today for various

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  5. Answers to Your Top Tech Questions

    Behrman House is committed to supporting our customers when it comes to placing orders, using our digital products, navigating our site, and more. Here's what you need to know to work through common tech questions.

    How do I place orders?

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    Don’t forget, if you placed your school order online last year, you can use it to plan your next order. 

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  6. What Will Religious School Look Like This Fall? SURVEY SAYS . . .

    What Will Religious School Look Like This Fall? SURVEY SAYS . . .

    It’s mid-August. For many students and teachers—particularly in the South and West—back to school is here while others will be back in session in mid-to-late September. We wanted to find out what back to school looks like in this awkward fall when things seem better even as we all remain cautious about what the Delta variant of COVID might mean in the coming weeks and months.

    So we asked, “What will religious school look like for Fall 2021”?
    47 schools from across the country responded in detail. And while uncertainty remains, and no one can yet retire the word ‘pivot’ (sorry!), educators have been finding ways to take the best from a stunningly challenging 2020 and move forward. Here are the results of the survey.

    How will your school be meeting this year?

    In contrast to last fall, when schools were zooming exclusively, most educators responding indicated that going into this school year t

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  7. Build Your High Holidays Library

    The new year is the perfect time to dive into High Holidays stories.

    Build your program's library with picture and chapter books about Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Simchat Torah, and Sukkot from Apples & Honey Press.

    Now through September 15, take an extra 25% off any three or more High Holiday story books. 

    Get books for as little as $9.42 each. If you're an educator, the 25% off will be in addition to any other discounts that may apply. Be sure to log into your Behrman House account when ordering to ensure the best prices.

    Pick three of the same title to get books into the hands of your students, or mix and match titles. 

    Choose from any of the following titles:

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  8. Tools to Build Resilience and Kindness in an Uncertain World

    As we enter a second school year of pandemic-induced uncertainty, children have shown their resilience time and again.

    We can all learn and practice such skills. Character traits such as resilience, kindness, and courage lie at the core of Jewish values, requiring us to make conscious choices about our actions. Here are some ways to teach and develop character traits and values.

    Grades 3-5

    This is an age when children are thinking critically about right and wrong and the importance of the choices they make. Here is an activity from A Kids Mensch Handbook about the value of sh'lom bayit, peace in the home. 

    Start by asking children to complete the following sentence in their heads or on paper: "My favorite family memories are_____" Allow

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  9. Apples & Honey Press Releases Three Great Stories for Fall 2021

    Apples & Honey Press has three new stories to share for Fall 2021.

    Cover Sharkbot Shalom  

    If you have ever felt frazzled getting ready for Shabbat, you’ll understand just how much the robot shark in SHARKBOT SHALOM needs a recharge as he races to get ready for the arrival of his friends. This brand new book from Jenna Waldman (also author of the upcoming Larry’s Latkes) can count along as Sharkbot prepares for Shabbat dinner, ever mindful, and increasingly anxious that he needs a chance to restore himself. If you want a cute story to help young children understand the benefits of Shabbat downtime, thi

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