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A Kid's Mensch Handbook with Turn Page Access

One copy of Kid's Mensch Handbook plus one-year access to use enhanced turn page features with one student, including full turn-page version, specific tips for teaching in distance learning settings, and links to selected online printable pages for student use.

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Bring Jewish values to life with an engaging blend of mitzvot, middot, and timeless Jewish wisdom.

At an age when students are thinking critically about right and wrong, the importance of the choices they make, and the role that Judaism will play in their lives, A Kid's Mensch Handbook provides a wealth of Jewish advice, experience, and answers.

Presented in a modern format designed to engage your students' interest and imaginations, A Kid's Mensch Handbook provides each student with a unique and lasting connection to core Jewish values.

What You Get:

You get one copy of the book plus access to use the enhanced online turn page version with one student through July 2022. 

Included in the enhanced turn page version is a set of tips specifically for teaching with A Kid's Mensch Handbook in distance learning settings plus selected printable PDF pages for student use.

Teachers will use the turn page access in a share-your-screen mode with learners in groups or one-on-one online. They can provide remote learners the selected PDF pages to print in situations or locations where the folders are not available to the student. The downloadable PDF of teaching tips offers teachers specific ideas and further guidance for using the material in remote learning settings.

Access to turn page materials is purchased and granted per student to keep your costs as low as possible. You do not need to purchase separate access for teachers.

To get the full benefit of A Kid's Mensch Handbook you will also need the Teaching Guide. (One per teacher, purchased separately. See the link below.) 

More About the Book:

The book is organized into three sections: Mensch BasicsBe a Mensch to Yourself, and Be a Mensch to Others. Together, they help students understand basics of menschlekeit, how introspection and self-examination lead to self-respect, and how respect for oneself leads to respect for and from others.

Real-life examples, midrashic and historical vignettes, and lively narrative make Jewish values tangible, understandable, and applicable to your students' everyday lives.

Special Features:

  • "Mensch-Wise" (What do you think it means to be "created in God's image"?)
  • "Mensch Top 5" (Check out these tips to becoming your own best friend...)
  • "A Note of Middot" (Sameah b'helko reminds us to be content with what we have — and who we are!)
  • "Mensch Index" --handy definitions and cross-references to mitzvot, middot, and midrash found throughout the book

Throughout the book questionnaires and surveys help establish a connection to each Jewish value, and spark imagination about the role even a kid can play in the Jewish and global communities.

A few techie things you need to know:

  • You must be logged in to purchase and access the turn page materials. 
  • Please note: Accounts on are accessed using the email address used to set up the account.
  • The book(s) will be shipped. 
  • Turn page access is from a link that will be available from the account that made the purchase. Log in and go to Account/My Downloadables.
  • Purchases charged to school accounts will be available after processing, which typically takes one business day. Purchases made using credit cards become available immediately.
  • No student email signups are needed; You need not pass licenses or create classes to use the turn page access.
  • Turn page access may be shared at no additional charge with the teachers and madrichim working directly with the student(s) for whom access has been purchased. Access may also be shared easily with any student for whom it was purchased should they wish to use the turn page features at home with their families.
  • Problems with your order or access? You can contact us for technical support here. 
  • Questions about curriculum? Email customersupport at

What exactly am I purchasing?

You are purchasing a package that includes a physical copy of the book PLUS access to an enhanced digital turn-page version of the book, with permission to share it with one student in a remote learning setting.

Your access to the turn-page version runs through July 2023. The turn-page version is an exact duplicate of the physical book, including the same page numbering. We’ve enhanced it by also including teaching tips unique to the material and selected printable PDF pages for students’ use.


Do I need to purchase a turn-page package for each student?

Yes. Turn-page access is not a replacement for a physical book. It is a tool to help teachers in remote learning environments. Students need their materials whether they’re learning remotely or in-person.


Do I need to purchase a turn-page package for each teacher?

No. Access to the turn-page version is provided based on the number of students you wish to use it with. For example, if you have 10 students in a class, you would purchase 10 turn-page sets (you will get 10 physical books + permission to use the turnpage version with 10 students). The turn-page access can then be shared with any teacher(s) or madrichim working directly with those 10 students, at no additional charge.


If the teacher is sharing their screen to show the turn-page version, why do I need to purchase multiple copies?

You are not purchasing multiple copies of the turn page version. You are paying for permission to use the turn-page version with a certain number of students. In other words, purchases are made according to the number of people who are viewing the turn-page version, not how many are showing it.


Can I purchase access to the turn-page version separately from the physical book?

No. Access to the turn-page version is combined with a physical book. Turn-page access is not a replacement for a physical book. It is designed to make it simpler for teachers to work with learners remotely, guiding their learning. Even in remote learning settings, ideal learning is multi-modal. When learners have the physical materials, they have more control over their learning, can see the material in person, can more easily work with others in breakout groups, and better complete independent work away from the screen.

Having the print materials also ensures that you can maintain continuity in programming regardless of where your learners are meeting. This is especially important if you might be switching between remote and in-person learning. Having the physical book also gets children away from their screens and guides them through hands-on activities.


How do I get the physical books to my students?

The physical books will be shipped directly to the address you provide at time of your order. You then have several options for getting to students if you will be starting your program remotely:

  • Make packages for each student and hold a book pickup day at your building.
  • Combine delivery with social connection by having teachers personally drop off materials to students. This makes for a lovely porch or sidewalk socially distant, yet personal, interaction.
  • Mail the books to students.

If you cannot get materials to students locally, talk to us about options for delivering books directly to students at their homes. Email us for more information.


After I purchase the turn-page package, how do I access the digital version?

Log in to the account on from which you made the purchase. From the top menu, click Account. Then click My Downloadable Products from the menu on the left. Select the item you wish to use. When you click on the link, a turn page access file will download to your device. Double click that access file and your turn page book will open, ready for use. The downloaded HTML file can be shared at no additional charge with teachers working directly with the student(s) for whom access has been purchased. Just email the teachers and attach the downloaded file.


Do teachers or students need a Behrman House account to view the turn-page version?

No. The person who made the purchase can share the link directly with the teacher (see above). The link immediately opens the turn-page version, and teachers can then share their screens on video conference platforms with the students for whom access was purchased. Students are not likely to need direct access to the turn-page themselves. They will have their physical copies for independent work, chevruta work in breakout groups, etc. 


Can I see a sample of the turn-page to try it out?

As with all our student materials, you are invited to order a copy at a 30% discount for review. This will allow you to try it out and test out the process for purchase, access, and use of the materials – so you can feel comfortable knowing exactly how it all works. Contact to request your review copies.


We have books left over from last year or have already placed our order for this school year. Do we have to buy the books again to have turn-page access?

If you purchased student materials in 2020 and still have some left over, contact and we’ll work with you make sure you have just what you need.


What do the turn-page materials look like?

Take a short tour through the Behrman House digital turn-page materials: what they look like, the supplemental teacher support materials and student printables, and overview of how to purchase and access the digital materials.