Apples & Honey Press has three new stories to share for Fall 2021.

Cover Sharkbot Shalom  

If you have ever felt frazzled getting ready for Shabbat, you’ll understand just how much the robot shark in SHARKBOT SHALOM needs a recharge as he races to get ready for the arrival of his friends. This brand new book from Jenna Waldman (also author of the upcoming Larry’s Latkes) can count along as Sharkbot prepares for Shabbat dinner, ever mindful, and increasingly anxious that he needs a chance to restore himself. If you want a cute story to help young children understand the benefits of Shabbat downtime, this is a great choice. As Kirkus Reviews remarked, "Sharkbot could be any of us." A note for families reflects on ways to discuss feelings of anxiety with young children and includes an age-apppropriate mindfulness exercise.

Starlight Soup: A Sukkot Story  

Meanwhile, Saralee Siegel is BACK! Yes, the young hero with the super-nose who recreated her Zaydie’s secret Rosh Hashanah apple cake recipe in time to save her family’s restaurant in Once Upon an Apple Cake: A Rosh Hashanah Story has another adventure, this time for Sukkot. STARLIGHT SOUP: A SUKKOT STORY, the second book in the Saralee Siegel chapter book series by Elana Rubinstein, follows Saralee as she tries to create a unique soup to welcome guests to hethe family restaurant sukkah. But something’s gone wrong, and Saralee will need all her powers—and her friends—to keep disaster from striking. Elana will be in Israel duiring hte coming year but will still be available for virtual programs and readings for children. Contact us!  Read the lovely Kirkus Review here. 

Pumpkin Pie for Sigd 

As we embrace the rich diversity of Judaism all around us, Israel-based Jennifer Tzivia Macleod helps with PUMPKIN PIE FOR SIGD: A HOLIDAY TALE. As the book’s end note explains for caregivers and educators, Sigd is the Jewish Ethiopian holiday (and now a national holiday in Israel) that celebrates the day God spoke to Moses at the burning bush. Like another fall holiday, Thanksgiving, it is a time to show gratitude and consider the goodness in our lives. This year, Sigd will be celebrated Nov 4-5. Pumpkin Pie for Sigd also celebrates cross-cultural friendship, and the way connecting to outhers can help us feel more at home at times when home might feel very far away. 

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