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New Products

  1. Imagine, Explore, Make, Wonder: Let There Be Play!

    Imagine, Explore, Make, Wonder: Let There Be Play!
    Coming in June 2024, the best Bible resource book ever, from award winner and 2023 Covenant Foundation Jewish Family Education Fellow Jonathan Schmidt Chapman.
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  2. We Need Some Heroes: The Heroes Haggadah

    We Need Some Heroes: The Heroes Haggadah

    Coming for Passover 2024, a haggadah that recognizes the heroism in Jewish culture and its contribution to our world and the enduring story of freedom that began with the ancient Exodus.

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  3. Big Bad Wolf's Yom Kippur

    Ask your local bookstore or library about Big Bad Wolf's Yom Kippur, or find it on:

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  4. Resources for a Core Hebrew Curriculum

    Fifty years of reasearch says if you want students to recognize written language, you have to teach them to decode.

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  5. Fall 2023 Titles from Apples & Honey Press

    Fall 2023 books form Apples & Honey Press

    Fall books for 2023 from Apples and Honey Press feature holiday stories for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot; a new version of the creation story that centers Eve’s experience; a look at Shabbat in the Ugandan Abuyadaya community; a quiet bedtime sh’ma experience for very young children; a story of Jewish conversos in Portugal in the 1500’s; and a more in depth look at David’s victory over Goliath.

    Tzimmes for Tzipporah


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  6. Golem Goes to Camp and The Unexpected Adventures of C.A.T. Tie to Become Apples & Honey Press’ 100th Title

    1 Fun Thing: Apples & Honey Press released its 100th book last month with two chapter books: Golem Goes to Camp, by Todd Gutnick, and The Unexpected Adventures of C.A.T. by Johanna Hurwitz. Released the same day, they tie for the honor of being #100.

    The big picture: Created in 2015, Apples

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  7. Salt & Honey, Alone Together on Dan Street Named National Jewish Book Award Finalists

    The Jewish Book Council today named Salt & Honey and Alone Together on Dan Street as finalists in the 72nd National Jewish Book Awards.


    Salt & Honey: Jewish Teens on Feminism, Creativity, & Tradition, edited by Elizabeth Mandel, Emanuelle Sippy, Maya Savin Miller, and Michele Hirsch, with a foreword by Molly Tolsky of Hey Alma and a Reader's

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  8. Exploring Bible through Text and Midrash

    Excite learners about Bible exploration with accessible translation and modern midrashic stories.
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  9. Clear Through the Parenting Clutter to Recapture a Sense of Wonder

    Clear Through the Parenting Clutter to Recapture a Sense of Wonder

    New parents get overwhelmed, regularly pushed to their limits and confused by contradictory feelings of elation and near-despair.

    A recent New York Times article shared parenting advice you really need. One parent contributed this gem: "You're allowed to feel overwhelmed and overjoyed. You can be both. Feeling it all doesn't make you a bad parent. It makes you human." 

    This is the premise behind the new book from Alicia Jo Rabins. Humorous, self-reflective, and comforting, Rabin’s musings on both heartening and cringe-worthy biblical examples of parenting can help any caregiver see beyond the detritus of day-today living with young children and recapture a sense of wonder at the process of raising small humans.

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  10. Salt and Honey: Can You See God in a Grapefruit?

    Salt and Honey: Can You See God in a Grapefruit?

    Can You See God in a Grapefruit?

    by Aliza Abusch-Magder

    from Salt & Honey: Jewish Teens on Feminism, Creativity, and Tradition


    Thousands of juice packets. Sweet, tangy, sour. Packed so closely together in communities commonly called "pieces," and when you hand me a piece of your grapefruit, you hand me a little collection of individuals held together by a thin, opaque, fibrous skin.

    When I passed the grapefruit tree on the way to the bank, I effortlessly plucked the ripe, perfumed, leathered teardrop slowly falling from its tired branch.

    I casually held a world in my hand, a real-life Horton Hears a Who! 

    Don't you see God in Dr. Seuss? Wasn't it divine?

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