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New Products

  1. New Story Introduces Young Children to Daily Gratitude and Prayer

    Thank you for my toes that tap . . .

    my shoulders that shimmy . . .

    my mouth that sings.

    Thank you for this new day.

    Thank You: Modeh Ani, by Rabbi Alyson Solomon, is a new book from Apples & Honey Press that celebrates and expresses gratitude for our active, joyful bodies


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  2. Apples & Honey Press Releases Three Great Stories for Fall 2021

    Apples & Honey Press has three new stories to share for Fall 2021.

    Cover Sharkbot Shalom  

    If you have ever felt frazzled getting ready for Shabbat, you’ll understand just how much the robot shark in SHARKBOT SHALOM needs a recharge as he races to get ready for the arrival of his friends. This brand new book from Jenna Waldman (also author of the upcoming Larry’s Latkes) can count along as Sharkbot prepares for Shabbat dinner, ever mindful, and increasingly anxious that he needs a chance to restore himself. If you want a cute story to help young children understand the benefits of Shabbat downtime, thi

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  3. Behrman House Celebrates 100 Years

    What does a one-hundred-year-old Jewish publishing firm do to celebrate a big birthday? It publishes a book!

    Behrman House: A Century of Jewish Publishing (Behrman House, 2021), described as both classy and quirky, tells the story of three generations of Behrman family ownership that began in New York City in 1921 and continued uninterrupted through ten decades, creating books that “set an esthetic standard other publishers had to meet.” [1]

    In that time, the firm that began as a modest Judaica bookshop on Manhattan’s lower Fifth Avenue selling prayerbooks and ritual objects grew into a trade publisher and the leading creator of Jewish educational materials, one that has counted among its customers most of the Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist synag

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  4. "The Hero in Me": New Multi-Access Jewish Values Course Explores Character Traits

    "The Hero in Me": New Multi-Access Jewish Values Course Explores Character Traits

    A collaboration between Behrman House and The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot, The Hero in Me introduces children to an array or Jewish heroes - from biblical figures to contemporary ones - in an exploration of what makes a hero, and how each of us can be a hero in our own lives. 

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  5. Four Apples & Honey Press Authors Receive PJ Library Awards

    Four Apples & Honey Press authors received Author Incentive Awards from PJ Library.

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  6. Create a Moving Seder Experience Using Body and Mind

    Create a Moving Seder Experience Using Body and Mind

    Seder in Motion: A Haggadah to Move Body and Soul, by Rabbi Ron Isaacs and Dr. Leora Isaacs, is a new family-friendly way to engage all five senses in the Passover story and rituals.

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  7. New Stories of Courage and Defiance for Purim

    New Stories of Courage and Defiance for Purim

    One Purim story. Two heroines. 

    Two brand new storybooks from Apples & Honey Press tell their sides of the story.


    Esther Didn't Dream of Being Queen

    By Allison Ofanansky, Illustrated by Valentina Belloni


    Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, I was an orphan girl who became queen.

    No, I'm not Cinderella. My name is Esther, and my story is not a fairy tale. 

    Esther would rather dig in her garden and spend time with her cousin Mordechai than live in the big, cold palace. So when then king chooses her as queen, her new life is far from a dream come true.

    And when

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  8. Zombies and Goblins and Golems, Oh My

    Zombies and Goblins and Golems, Oh My

    Indulge in fun monster talk in Jewish way.


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  9. Need a Little Laughter? Some Meshuggah Food Faces Can Help.

    Meshuggah Food Faces--Edible artwork for a crazy world. Who knew chopped liver, horseradish, and gefilte fish could have such rich emotional lives?

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  10. It's a Meshuggah World. Might as Well Play With Your Food.

    It's a Meshuggah World. Might as Well Play With Your Food.

    It's a meshuggah* world, so we might as well have some fun.

    And, really, who doesn't like to play with their food?

    Nothing is more Jewish than a plate full of food. In these stressful times, we can find comfort in food - in a low calorie way. 

    Created by Bill and Claire Wurtzel, Meshuggah Food Faces brings us an irreverent table full of funny faces to make us smile and find moments of inspiration in the simplest of places. 

    Bill is an artist and jazz musician, so improvisation, even with food, comes naturally to him. He began making food art to amuse his wife when they were married in 1961. Claire is a longtime educator, and together they conduct workshops using the food art as a jumping off point for learning about nutrition.

    Whether for a friend, family member, or yourself, we all deserve the gift of

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