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  1. Behrman House’s Commitment to Diversity in Learning Materials Has Never Been Stronger

    We recently received a letter from “Concerned Citizen,” an anonymous 8th grader from Boston, who noticed that in the Hebrew series Z’Man L’Tefilah (Time for Prayer) “every single illustration in the book depicts white people,” and urged us to do better than to present “a singular image of Jews.”

    The student is right. This series, developed in the 1980s by the publishing company A.R.E., is illustrated with small line drawings that present what could be called an Ashkenazic world view, a view that North American Jews are exclusively descended from the Eastern European Jews who immigrated during the late 1800s and early 1900s as they fled pogroms and other atrocities.

    Behrman House took over distribution of this series in the early 2000s, and while we regularly review already published titles, as a small independent publisher we do not often have the budget to go back and

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  2. Salt and Honey: The Order is Overwhelming

    The Order is Overwhelming

    by Emanuelle Sippy

    from Salt & Honey: Jewish Teens on Feminism, Creativity, and Tradition


    Sometimes age is as muddled as life's unanswerable questions.


    Arbitrary, in our cravings for adulthood and infancy.


    Forget deciding--knowing alone is a task so cumbersome

    that control is not envied but rather exiled.


    When worry overpowers, I order life without


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  3. Even God Had Bad Parenting Days: ancient Jewish wisdom for new parents

    Alicia Jo Rabin’s musings on both heartening and cringe-worthy biblical examples of parenting helps stressed-out new parents recapture a sense of wonder at the process of raising small humans.
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  4. Haggadah Options for Your Seder

    Haggadah Options for Your Seder


    The Essential Seder: A Contemporary Haggadah

    By Deborah Gross-Zuchman

    This concise haggadah contains the essential elements for a short, authentic seder. Its small trim size, straightforward text, and bright collage art will capture the attention of all seder participants and spark lively conversation about social justice, freedom, and history. Ideal for the host or seder leader who wants to run a short but meaningful seder, bring a modern sensibility and fresh language to the observance, and add beauty to the seder table.

     What we overheard when we showed it at the URJ Biennial in December: “This has all the parts I want and none of the stuff I usually have to skip over!! And the good songs, too!”
    40 pages.

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  5. Awakenings: American Jewish Transformations in Identity, Leadership, and Belonging


    By Rabbi Joshua Stanton and Rabbi Benjamin Spratt

    Foreword by the Rev. Kaji Dousa. Afterword by Dr. Eboo Patel

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  6. The Blessing of Bewilderment: A Message of Hope for Post-Pandemic Life

    The Blessing of Bewilderment: A Message of Hope for Post-Pandemic Life

    By Rabbi Abraham Skorka

    Excerpted from Returning to Life After the Storm: Hope and Wisdom from Jewish SourcesBehrman House, 2021 


    As you read this, the pandemic began about two years ago. Vaccines have since been created and have been found mostly effective, but too many people have also refused to take them, and too many people in the world have not had easy access to them.

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  7. New Story Introduces Young Children to Daily Gratitude and Prayer

    Thank you for my toes that tap . . .

    my shoulders that shimmy . . .

    my mouth that sings.

    Thank you for this new day.

    Thank You: Modeh Ani, by Rabbi Alyson Solomon, is a new book from Apples & Honey Press that celebrates and expresses gratitude for our active, joyful bodies


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  8. Apples & Honey Press Releases Three Great Stories for Fall 2021

    Apples & Honey Press has three new stories to share for Fall 2021.

    Cover Sharkbot Shalom  

    If you have ever felt frazzled getting ready for Shabbat, you’ll understand just how much the robot shark in SHARKBOT SHALOM needs a recharge as he races to get ready for the arrival of his friends. This brand new book from Jenna Waldman (also author of the upcoming Larry’s Latkes) can count along as Sharkbot prepares for Shabbat dinner, ever mindful, and increasingly anxious that he needs a chance to restore himself. If you want a cute story to help young children understand the benefits of Shabbat downtime, thi

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  9. Behrman House Celebrates 100 Years

    What does a one-hundred-year-old Jewish publishing firm do to celebrate a big birthday? It publishes a book!

    Behrman House: A Century of Jewish Publishing (Behrman House, 2021), described as both classy and quirky, tells the story of three generations of Behrman family ownership that began in New York City in 1921 and continued uninterrupted through ten decades, creating books that “set an esthetic standard other publishers had to meet.” [1]

    In that time, the firm that began as a modest Judaica bookshop on Manhattan’s lower Fifth Avenue selling prayerbooks and ritual objects grew into a trade publisher and the leading creator of Jewish educational materials, one that has counted among its customers most of the Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist synag

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  10. "The Hero in Me": New Multi-Access Jewish Values Course Explores Character Traits

    "The Hero in Me": New Multi-Access Jewish Values Course Explores Character Traits

    A collaboration between Behrman House and The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot, The Hero in Me introduces children to an array or Jewish heroes - from biblical figures to contemporary ones - in an exploration of what makes a hero, and how each of us can be a hero in our own lives. 

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