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  1. New Memoir Takes a Clear-Eyed Look at Modern Anti-Semitism

    New Memoir Takes a Clear-Eyed Look at Modern Anti-Semitism

    Co-published by Behrman House and the Anti-Defamation League, 24 Days: The Kidnapping and Murder of Ilan Halimi is a wake-up call to the growing scourge of anti-Semitism, extremism, and hate around the world. 

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  2. A Persian Princess for Purim

    A Persian Princess for Purim

    This modern Purim story "rekindles the wondrous legacy of Persian Jewry."

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  3. Two New Haggadah Options for Your Seder

    Two New Haggadah Options for Your Seder


    The Essential Seder: A Contemporary Haggadah

    By Deborah Gross-Zuchman

    This concise haggadah contains the essential elements for a short, authentic seder. Its small trim size, straightforward text, and bright collage art will capture the attention of all seder participants and spark lively conversation about social justice, freedom, and history. Ideal for the host or seder leader who wants to run a short but meaningful seder, bring a modern sensibility and fresh language to the observance, and add beauty to the seder table.

     What we overheard when we showed it at the URJ Biennial in December: “This has all the parts I want and none of the stuff I usually have to skip over!! And the good songs, too!”
    40 pages.

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  4. It's Time for a New Conversation about Aging


    Think of people you know in their sixties and seventies. Now consider how that age group is portrayed in popular culture and advertising. 

    New research from the AARP finds that images of "seniors” do not reflect the reality of how older generations work and play today.  

     “Marketers reflect the culture and the conversation in our country,” said AARP’s Martha Boudreau in a recent New York Times article. “Stereotypes about the 55-plus demographic are really limiting people’s sense of what they can do with this half of their lives.”

    Ageist marketing is just one e

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  5. New Release: Positive Judaism

    Rabbi Darren Levine challenges us with new ways to approach relationships, careers, health, and money to increase lifelong happiness.

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  6. The Language of a Common Dream?

    Jeremy Benstein, author of the new book Hebrew Routes, Jewish Routes: A Tribal Language in a Global World discusses the future of Hebrew as the featured guest on The Promised Podcast.

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  7. New Release: Getting Good at Getting Older

    From the creator of the groundbreaking The Jewish Catalog comes a new Jewish resource for a new age.
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  8. Israel…It’s Complicated Resonates with Day School Educators

    Israel…It’s Complicated Resonates with Day School Educators

    Each spring, the eighth graders at Levine Academy in Dallas visit Israel for almost three weeks. For the 40 or so students, it’s a trip they anticipate with excitement for years, beginning in kindergarten when their day school begins weaving Israel throughout the curriculum and programming.

    The trip marks the culmination of their day school experience, and educators at Levine Academy want to ensure the students are prepared. This year they will be using the new Israel…It’s Complicated course in eighth grade.

    “We’re very excited. We want to prepare our students to be open and to know more, to ask questions. But first students need the information. The new curriculum brings it all – it’s a great source to open the discussion,” says Anna Katzman, the dean of Hebrew language and programs at Levine Academy.

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  9. Reach Students Digitally with New App for Chaverim B'Ivrit

    Reach Students Digitally with New App for Chaverim B'Ivrit
    Meet the first digital app for Chaverim B'Ivrit, developed with the needs of day schools in mind.
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  10. Staff Picks for the New Year

    Here are some highlights from our new materials—our personal favorites—to make your planning easier.


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