Stephen Covey and High Holidays: A Text Study for the Busy Jewish Professional

The High Holidays are traditionally times of reflection. We are called upon to take time to consider the year just ending and the one to come. Of course, those of us in the “business” of Judaism—educators, clergy, teachers, staff—may find ourselves asking, “And with all I have going on right now, when exactly is that reflection supposed to happen?” This time of year - particularly this year, which has been filled with so much grief, anxiety, and tumult - can feel so hectic for us that this particular moment may not feel at all like a good time to reflect. In fact, it might feel like the perfect time to have give in to the stress. Too often we get caught up in the urgent and critical task of helping others get this new year underway, and set our own needs for reflection aside.

As a result we may feel out of step with those reflective messages of the High Holidays.

Stephen Covey’s book, 

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