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Online Learning Center (OLC)

  1. 3 Simple Steps to Find and Access Your Software

    3 Simple Steps to Find and Access Your Software
    Accessing your digital products can be simple for all users. These guides can help lead you to success.
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  2. You Bought Digital Resources — Now What?

    You Bought Digital Resources — Now What?
    If you’ve purchased digital products and are curious about the next steps, this useful guide will lead you in the right direction.
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  3. Keep Hebrew Skills Sharp All Summer Long

    Summer doesn't have to mean a break from Hebrew. Share these resources with students to help keep their language comprehension skills sharp.
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  4. Click into Online Enrichment at Play & Learn

    Click into Online Enrichment at Play & Learn
    Enter the Online Learning Center and find valuable resources and samples for students and teachers in our new Play & Learn space.
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  5. Online Learning Center Wow

    Imagine it's August: A family calls a school asking for help. Their son has no prior Hebrew education and yet is determined to have a bar mitzvah -  in just a few months. 

    That's the call Rabbi Rena Rifkin, director of the religious school at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in New York City, received last summer. The boy wouldn't be starting school until September, and Rifkin knew there was a time crunch, so she offered the family another option to jumpstart his learning - the Online Learning Center.

    The OLC is tool that provides students access to digital materials to extend learning and offers opportunities for extra practice. Rifkin set up the student in the OLC as his own class, so he could use 

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  6. Get the Help You Need with Our New Support Ticket Feature

    If you’re looking for help with our website, our online store, or your digital software, don’t go it alone. Use our new support ticket system to connect to someone who can help. Brought to you by Freshdesk, this new system will allow us to work together to resolve issues faster.

    To begin, log into with your Behrman House ID and go to the Support Ticket page. Bookmark it for future reference or, to find it again, scroll down on the main Behrman House page and click request tech support under 'contact us.'

    You’ll then see

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  7. Five Steps to Using the Online Learning Center with Confidence

    Whether you’re new to the Online Learning Center or a seasoned user, sitting down to set up your virtual synagogue for the new school year doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’ve gathered some helpful tips and tricks so you can master the Online Learning Center and guide your students with success.  

    1. Know there’s a learning curve
    Be patient with yourself. Any new technology takes time to understandand each and every user started somewhere. We’ve got several resources to help and you can always contact us along the way if you run into any bumps in the road.

    2. Know wha

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  8. Motivation and Reinforcement Strategies to Get the Most from the Online Learning Center

    With students back and classes getting underway, now is the right time to set your expectations for student participation in the Online Learning Center, however you choose to use it. Reinforcing those expectations often are key to a successful, engaged year.

    Set Expectations

    For Hebrew especially, ongoing regular practice is a large part of a successful Hebrew learning experience. When you set clear expectations early on in the school year, you give students and parents guidelines and an idea of how the curriculum will work.

    We recommend early communications with families to establish your expectations. A presentation -- perhaps at back-to-school night -- that outlines your expectations also provides

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  9. Special for Education Directors: Sticky Tech Situations and How to Solve Them

    We hosted a Ed Tech Solutions gathering at Behrman House headquarters this week, giving local educators the opportunity to learn about tech trends and tools to engage students, play with some learning apps, and get help for their digital learning needs.

    One session, led by Terry Kaye and designed especially for education directors, focused on tech trouble spots. Here's what you need to know to work through common tech challenges.

    I want to use digital apps but we don’t have reliable wifi in our building.

    1. Make it a priority to get reliable wifi. Advocate for it! Research the options. Demonstrate to your education committee and/or board the digital learning tools students will be able to use in class, especially in small groups, to enrich the learning. Explain the benefits (improved decoding skills, greater in-class e

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  10. No Wifi? No Problem. How to Use Hebrew in Harmony Digital, Whatever Your Tech Situation

    You don't need to be musical or tech savvy to teach Hebrew in Harmony, our new multimedia prayer curriculum.

    In fact, we know not every school has wifi or devices for each student. That's why we have options so you and your students can use the digital piece, whatever your tech situation.

    The minimal option

    When you order a Hebrew in Harmony Curriculum Core, you can get one free digital license. That license includes all the downloadable music, videos, games, Hebrew recording and feedback options, and more. Students will get benefit the most if they have individual access to the digital, but if that's not a reality for your school, you can teach Hebrew in Harmony i

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