Whether you’re new to the Online Learning Center or a seasoned user, sitting down to set up your virtual synagogue for the new school year doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’ve gathered some helpful tips and tricks so you can master the Online Learning Center and guide your students with success.  

1. Know there’s a learning curve
Be patient with yourself. Any new technology takes time to understandand each and every user started somewhere. We’ve got several resources to help and you can always contact us along the way if you run into any bumps in the road.

2. Know what to expect
You don’t have to dive in head-first. If you’re anxious about starting, why not take a digital tour? Use these helpful links to become better acquainted with the Online Learning Center. Our tutorial link offers videos and visuals for how to set up, and our FAQ link offers step-by-step instructions.

3. Start early
If possible, get an early start when setting up your online space. We recommend dedicating one hour to best understand the system and how it works. If you’re able, try setting up your OLC during Behrman House office hours (Monday through Friday, 9-5 ET) should you have questions for Customer Support during the setup process.

4. Download and test
The best way to understand the technology is to use it. Download the app* that you’re most interested in and play around with it to see how it works. If it’s not quite what you had in mind, feel free to reach out to us and one of our curriculum consultants will point you in a better direction.

5. Make an appointment
Do you feel as though you’re struggling? Would you rather someone walk you through set-up verbally? Email us and we’ll schedule a time for you to connect with someone from Customer Support team.

You are encouraged to call us and we will be happy to pass you one license to preview any software before committing to a purchase for your school. Visit the app store on your iPhone to try Shalom Hebrew – the first five lessons are free.