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Monthly Archives: September 2018

  1. Make the Most of Your Teacher Planner

    Make the Most of Your Teacher Planner
    The Teacher Planner is your one-stop guide for planning through your entire school year. Learn how this mindful resource can work for you.
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  2. You Bought Digital Resources — Now What?

    You Bought Digital Resources — Now What?
    If you’ve purchased digital products and are curious about the next steps, this useful guide will lead you in the right direction.
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  3. Day 1: A Lesson to Introduce Students to Hebrew in Harmony

    Want to set an upbeat tone for your Hebrew curriculum, starting on DAY ONE?

    Introduce Hebrew in Harmony by focusing first on the music – the driving force behind the program that will help students and teachers connect with the material right away.  

    (Hebrew in Harmony assumes students can already decode, so be sure you’ve assessed their decoding skills at the beginning of the school year.)

    The following introductory lesson will give students a taste of what’s ahead and help them acclimate to the new materials.

    Advance preparation: All the music for the series is in the digital app. Music for each prayer includes a traditional melody plus 3-4 mu

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  4. Tech Tools: 'Make It' for Teachers

    Tech Tools: 'Make It' for Teachers
    Welcome to Tech Tools, our new newsletter feature. Written by Debbie Harris, this column will bring you excellent technology tips to inspire you and add creativity to your teaching.

    The Technology

    Create your own interactive games and share them with your students to play. To create a game, first download the Make It application to your device.

    • - Download the Mac app here
    • - Download the iOS app here

    You’ll also want to create an account so that you’ll be able to save your game. (Your students will not need to crea

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  5. In Appreciation of Our Friend Rachel Cowan

    In Appreciation of Our Friend Rachel Cowan

    I was saddened to learn that our friend and author Rachel Cowan died this past Friday, just as Shabbat was coming in.  She was at home, where she wanted to be, and at peace.

    For most of my years, I had only heard of Rachel and her work from afar, until she finally decided to write a book, and with Linda Thal created Wise Aging which we had the opportunity to publish.  She had the gentlest of styles combined with a fierce commitment to the work, and to the practices and concepts she wanted to share with others through it. I was repeatedly struck by her ability to exercise huge influence while seeming to have only the lightest touch on the steering wheel.

    Rachel was a pathfinder in many ways; her gentle and modest manner belied her impact.  Called the “Mother of Jewish Healing” by The Forward newspaper, her work and her presence has been felt and will continue to be felt throughout our community.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked w

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  6. Hebrew Diversity: Snapshots of Learning Options

    Hebrew Diversity: Snapshots of Learning Options
    These days Hebrew education doens't have to look the same at every congregation.
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  7. Create an Immersive Learning Environment with Hebrew Classroom Labels

    Create an Immersive Learning Environment with Hebrew Classroom Labels
    Lead your learners to Hebrew fluency with these free downloadable 'In the Classroom' vocabulary word cards from The Teacher Planner: Calendars, Tools, and Templates for the Purposeful Jewish Educator. Simply click below to download, print, trim, and use them around your classroom for your students to make easy English to Hebrew connections.

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