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Picture Books

  1. Golems and Goblins and Angels: Jewish Folklore for the Candy-and-Costume Crowd

    Candy and costumes are fun for children this time of year, and you too can tap into this energy as an opportunity to learn about Judaism's rich history of mysticism and folklore. Think golems, dybbuks, angels, and the like.

    Here are a few of our favorite storybooks for ages 5-8 that feature (non-scary) spirits and creatures:

    The Goblins of Knottingham 

    By Zoë Klein

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  2. New Graphic Novel Explores a Greek-Judean Friendship Set Against the Backdrop of Hanukkah

    New Graphic Novel Explores a Greek-Judean Friendship Set Against the Backdrop of Hanukkah

    Just before the very first Hanukkah, Greeks and Jews were living in an uneasy peace in ancient Judea.

    Jonathan, a Jewish boy, sees a Greek boy being attacked by bullies and stands up to defend him. They become best friends.

    But when war comes to their land, Jonathan joins the Maccabees while his friend Jason joins the Greek army. They seem destined to fight one another. How will their friendship survive?

    Shield of the Maccabees is a new story by award-winning author Eric Kimmel and illustrated by Dov Smiley.

    The graphic novel format focuses on the history of Hanukkah, and the context of the times. 

    "A fun and clever twist on the story of the Maccabees."- Steve Sheinkin, author and illustrator of The Adventures of

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  3. Stories and Activities for Sukkot and Simchat Torah for In-Person, Remote, or Blended Learning Environments

    We've rounded up some stories for our Apples & Honey collection to share, and some free, ready-to-go Sukkot and Simchat Torah lessons and activities for various ages.

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  4. A New Jonah Story to Supplement Yom Kippur Teaching

    A New Jonah Story to Supplement Yom Kippur Teaching

    The Book of Jonah, with its message of religious universalism, comprises almost the entire afternoon reading for Yom Kippur. The Jonah story highlights how all people, Jews and non-Jews, are entitled to God's blessing and forgiveness.

    For young children, supplement your Yom Kippur teaching with an approachable retelling of the Bible story. 

    Jonah's Tale of a Whale, by Barry Schwartz and illustrated by James Rey Sanchez, tells the story of Jonah using simple words and features dramatic illustrations that bring it to life.

    Jonah lived by the sea. As a boy, he heard fishermen tell tales of whales that swallowed up ships. But he never expected to be swallowed up himself.
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  5. Meet Apples & Honey Press Illustrators

     Excuse us while this page is under construction! More information about our Apples & Honey Press Contributors is being added every day!

    Eliyahu Alpern

    Photographer Of How It's Made: Torah Scroll, How It's Made: Matzah, And 

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  6. Apples & Honey Press Releases Three Great Stories for Fall 2021

    Apples & Honey Press has three new stories to share for Fall 2021.

    Cover Sharkbot Shalom  

    If you have ever felt frazzled getting ready for Shabbat, you’ll understand just how much the robot shark in SHARKBOT SHALOM needs a recharge as he races to get ready for the arrival of his friends. This brand new book from Jenna Waldman (also author of the upcoming Larry’s Latkes) can count along as Sharkbot prepares for Shabbat dinner, ever mindful, and increasingly anxious that he needs a chance to restore himself. If you want a cute story to help young children understand the benefits of Shabbat downtime, thi

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  7. A Jewish Story to Help Explain Vaccines to Children

    A Jewish Story to Help Explain Vaccines to Children

    A boy goes to doctor and refuses to get his shot, convinced his toy shield can protect him from germs.

    When his father points out that his baby sister is too young for her vaccines, the boy agrees to get his shot so he won't pass diseases to her. He cries, briefly.

    The boy's name is Judah, and is feels proud to learn that his namesake, Judah Maccabee, was also a brave and strong warrior on behalf of his family and other Jews.

    Judah Maccabee Goes to the Doctor, by Ann D. Koffsky, is a story that offers a pathway to explaining how vaccines protect us and also the vulnerable people around us. Having a child-friendly way to broach tough subjects goes a long

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  8. Stories Help Children Cope with Stress and Grief

    French Toast Sundays can jumpstart a conversation with children who may be experiencing the overwhelming emotions of losing someone they know.

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  9. Introduce Young Children to Israel with Picture Books

    "Children learn about the world through a variety of means, one of which is through stories. How can we, as educators, harness the power of stories and pictures to teach children about Israel?" writes Dr. Ofra Backenroth in an article about American Jewish education. One way, she writes, is through picture books.

    "Picture books can serve as a powerful resource for teaching children in a meaningful way about Israel and can help children understand core concepts and what they mean. Most of all, stories serve as a jumping-off point for sincere and open conversation."

    Here are some story books set in Israel to help bridge connections between the state and young children, perfect for discussions and activities around Yom Ha'atzma'ut

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  10. Share Stories of Strong Women on International Women's Day

    This year's theme is "Choose To Challenge." These four stories feature brave women who chose to carve their own paths in the face of resistance.

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