Contemporary Jewish Life

  1. Need a Little Laughter? Some Meshuggah Food Faces Can Help.

    Meshuggah Food Faces--Edible artwork for a crazy world. Who knew chopped liver, horseradish, and gefilte fish could have such rich emotional lives?

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  2. Pandemic Pivot

    Pandemic Pivot

    Behrman House Publisher David Behrman reflects on the silver linings of the pandemic lockdown, and challenges educators to wrestle with larger questions about our values and goals.

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  3. Reflecting the Diversity of the Jewish Experience

    Reflecting the Diversity of the Jewish Experience

    We are careful to tell stories and show images that mirror the diversity of the American Jewish population in all its facets.

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  4. It's Time for a New Conversation about Aging


    Think of people you know in their sixties and seventies. Now consider how that age group is portrayed in popular culture and advertising. 

    New research from the AARP finds that images of "seniors” do not reflect the reality of how older generations work and play today.  

     “Marketers reflect the culture and the conversation in our country,” said AARP’s Martha Boudreau in a recent New York Times article. “Stereotypes about the 55-plus demographic are really limiting people’s sense of what they can do with this half of their lives.”

    Ageist marketing is just one e

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