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Tech Tools

  1. Resources for a Core Hebrew Curriculum

    Fifty years of reasearch says if you want students to recognize written language, you have to teach them to decode.

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  2. Warehouse Delays Are Not a Happy Way to Begin the New Year

    Dear Colleague,

    The supply problems and shipping delays that are plaguing the entire U.S.—in fact the worldwide—economy have hit us here in Jewish education as well, and we want to provide you with an update on our book shipping situation.

    As you may already be painfully aware, our Ohio warehouse partner is backlogged, and our shipments are running late, in some cases 2-3 weeks or more.  We’re in touch with them daily; they a re prioritizing our shipments and those of their other education-related clients, but they are having difficulty finding adequate staff. They have flown people in from other locations and have executive and other staff doing temporary duty in picking and packing books; so far it hasn’t been enough.

    In addition, while the war

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  3. Tech Tools to Enhance Remote Teaching

    Tech Tools to Enhance Remote Teaching

    Tech Tools was a regular column of excellent technology tips to inspire you and add creativity to your teaching. Here are a few of those simple tools to enhance remote teaching.

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  4. Tech Tools: Gimkit

    Tech Tools: Gimkit

    Gimkit is a quiz learning game…and was created by a student!

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  5. Tech Tools: Online Voice Recorder

    Tech Tools: Online Voice Recorder
    Want to record your voice on your computer? Here's how.
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  6. Make Your Own Makerspace

    Make Your Own Makerspace
    They're popping up in schools, libraries, and private facilities everywhere. Is it right for your school?
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  7. Tech Tools: Instagram in the Classroom

    Tech Tools: Instagram in the Classroom
    Your students love Instagram. Here's a classroom-safe version.
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  8. Tech Tools: Webjets

    Tech Tools: Webjets

    Think visually, brainstorm, organize, and share ideas.

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  9. Tech Tools: Public Domain Published Works

    Tech Tools: Public Domain Published Works
    Thousands of previously copyrighted works have entered the public domain.
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  10. Tech Tools: Project-Based Learning

    Tech Tools: Project-Based Learning
    Interested in trying Project-Based Learning? Here are some digital resources.
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