Tech Tools: Webjets
Written by Debbie Harris, Tech Tools brings you excellent technology tips to inspire you and add creativity to your teaching.

The Technology

Webjets is a website that supports visual thinking and brainstorming. It’s highly visual and allows you to organize your ideas onto cards (similar to Pinterest).

For example, a card can contain images, embedded videos, live Google Docs, or attached files. As you create new cards (by just dragging tools from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen), you can arrange them however you want, and sort them into folders.  You can even create links to webpages by dragging a URL right onto your Webjet window.

 You can share your Webjet with another collaborator or publish it as a view-only website.

To use Webjets, create a free account at the Webjets website. This will entitle you to 200 cards and two collaborators. Educators can click here to request a free education upgrade. 

In Your Classroom

• Webjets is the perfect way to provide links for your students in a fun, visual, and easy-to-navigate format. For example, if you are teaching about Purim, you can create a series of cards that include: a video of the Megillah being read, images of fun costume ideas, and lists of items that go into a mishloach manot basket.

• Use Webjets to collaborate with others. For example, if you are working with other teachers on creating a Purim carnival, share a Webjets board with them to collect ideas for games, decorations, and food. 

Debbie Harris is the Director of Educational Technology at Solomon Schechter Day School of Metropolitan Chicago and blogs at Reach her at


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