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Monthly Archives: December 2018

  1. Our Best Tips for Ordering Parashat Hashavua Booklets

    Ordering your B’nai Mitzvah booklets doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn some tips to make the process quick and easy.
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  2. Making a New Year's Resolution? Make It a SMART One

    Making a New Year's Resolution? Make It a SMART One
    It’s New Year’s Resolution season. Here's the trick to turning that longing for change into the actions that bring the satisfaction of achievement.
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  3. Give Yourself the Gift of Rejuvenation

    Give Yourself the Gift of Rejuvenation
    Here are a few ideas to inspire you as you head into 2019.
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  4. Tech Tools: Blended Play

    Tech Tools: Blended Play
    Written by Debbie Harris, Tech Tools brings you excellent technology tips to inspire you and add creativity to your teaching.

    The Technology

     Blended Play is a free website that allows you to create fun games that can help your students review content.

    The many game options offer engaging themes, such as outer space, medieval castles, and sushi making. Each game presents a goal for students to strive for as they review the content that you input into the game. For example, in one castle game, students try to be the first to build a ladder and get over the castle wall. Each time a student (or a team of students) answers a review question correctly, the ladder grows taller until they finally reach their goal.

    To create your own game, visit the website and click the red section in the middle to

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  5. Talk, Move, and Play: New Hebrew Materials are Coming Your Way

    Coming in January! A reissued classic and a movement-based conversational Hebrew course.

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  6. Hebrew Assessment: Essential, Effective, and Easy

    Hebrew Assessment: Essential, Effective, and Easy
    It’s best not to wait until the end of the year to take stock of our students Hebrew learning. Whether you’re thinking of doing formative or summative assessments to see where students need extra help, or for placement, here are some options.
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