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Monthly Archives: August 2022

  1. Welcome Back to Hebrew for the New Year

    Learning Hebrew is a skill that takes practice to keep sharp, just like any other skill. A little bit of regular practice goes a long way to boosting confidence and proficiency. 

    In fact, brain research shows that just five minutes a day—or even ten minutes twice or more per week—in addition to your regular learning time can make a big difference in second language acquisition skills. 

    Freshen up learners' Hebrew skills with these resources to help them review and practice in small bites.

    Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader

    Whatever your regular Hebrew program, you can begin any session with a quick "reading workout" using the Ten-Minute Heb

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  2. Stories of Exploration and Curiosity Coming Soon

    Here are some new stories coming in early September from our children's imprint, Apples & Honey Press. Click each book cover to pre-order now.

    Dance the Hora, Isadora
    By Gloria Koster
    Illustrated by Barbara Bongini

    Chloe is our step-dance star. Tap-tap go her toes. Up go her knees, reaching almost as high as her chin.

    When Chloe finished her routine last week, I felt Madame's eyes on me. "Isadora, would you like a turn? she asked.

    More than anything,

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