Here are some new stories coming in early September from our children's imprint, Apples & Honey Press. Click each book cover to pre-order now.

Dance the Hora, Isadora
By Gloria Koster
Illustrated by Barbara Bongini

Chloe is our step-dance star. Tap-tap go her toes. Up go her knees, reaching almost as high as her chin.

When Chloe finished her routine last week, I felt Madame's eyes on me. "Isadora, would you like a turn? she asked.

More than anything, I wanted to say yes, but I had nothing to share. If only I could shine.

On the way home, Grandma could see I needed some cheering up.

"Why such a sad face? she asked.

"Everyone in class has a special dance," I said. "Everyone except me!"

"I have a feeling you may have one very soon," Grandma said, "maybe even this weekend."

I knew she was thinking about the wedding. On Sunday, Cousin Rachel was getting married to Adam.

A young girl learns the Hora at her cousin's wedding, then brings her new moves to dance class.


What's in Tuli's Box?
By Ann D. Koffsky

What is this?

It is LIGHT. It is EMPTY.

Silly Tuli! It is not a toy. It is a tzedakah box.

Clink clink clink clink

Now it is HEAVY. It is full of coins.

Would you like to try?

Tuli's mama helps this curious kitten explore an empty, then full, then empty-again box: a tzedakah box.

An introduction for young children to the concept of helping others through tzedakah. Download a Tuli coloring page here.



Porridge Pot Goblin
By Jacqueline Jules
Illustrated by Hector Borlasca

This modern update of a Jewish folktale includes a working single mom and two kids who want to let her rest while they get ready for Shabbat. 

But first they have to dispatch a pesky goblin on their own, which takes ingenuity, cooperation, and courage.

End note explains Jewish origin of goblins.