Tech Tools: Online Voice Recorder
Written by Debbie Harris, Tech Tools brings you excellent technology tips to inspire you and add creativity to your teaching.

The Technology

OnlineVoiceRecorder is a website that allows you to record your voice using your computer’s microphone and save the recording as an .mp3 file. It requires no downloads, no login, no password, and no payment. It doesn’t even require Flash, so it’s compatible with any browser.

Begin by clicking the microphone icon on the site. The website may ask you to authorize access to the computer microphone. Once you agree, it will immediately begin recording. Click the stop icon when you’re finished. Once you have completed your recording, you can choose to play the recording back or save the file to your computer.

Note: Nothing is saved to the site’s server; everything you save will be stored on your own computer, or, you can choose to save the recordings to a USB drive.

In Your Classroom

• Invite your students to record themselves practicing Hebrew words and share them with you. 

• Is one of your students out sick? Consider asking the rest of the class to record a get well soon message and email the recording to the absent student.

• Record yourself saying a blessing or chanting a trope that your students are learning and share the files with them so they can practice it at home.


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