You don't need to be musical or tech savvy to teach Hebrew in Harmony, our new multimedia prayer curriculum.

In fact, we know not every school has wifi or devices for each student. That's why we have options so you and your students can use the digital piece, whatever your tech situation.

The minimal option

When you order a Hebrew in Harmony Curriculum Core, you can get one free digital license. That license includes all the downloadable music, videos, games, Hebrew recording and feedback options, and more. Students will get benefit the most if they have individual access to the digital, but if that's not a reality for your school, you can teach Hebrew in Harmony if you have at minimum, a license for the teacher plus the ability to share the digital in class. Sharing the digital with a class could be as simple as downloading the app onto an ipad and using an adapter to connect it with a projector and speakers. 

Get a few extra licenses so you can download the digital companion on several devices that are shared among students. The digital brings the prayer content to life with music and videos, and adds variety to the class. It's useful to have more than one license because:

- Students who finish their work early can play the digital games quietly or listen to the music or watch the videos using headphones or earbuds.

- The digital encourages collaboration because students can work together in pairs or small groups, watching the videos together for example, or testing each other's reading. 

- It's ideal for use at a station or learning center.

No reliable wifi? 

Download the Hebrew in Harmony app to your mobile device when you are connected, such as at home. Students can then use the app in class even if they're offline. Play the music in class using powerful, loud speakers.

What's most important 

The music and the videos are the two key sensory elements that bring Hebrew in Harmony to life. Everything else in the digital companion - the games, Hebrew reading and recording, and teacher review and feedback options - is designed for additional practice and skills building.