The richness and depth of Hebrew in Harmony is magnified by its digital component. Each prayer in the curriculum comes with its own videos, downloadable music, online Hebrew reading and recording for students, teacher assessment, games, and much more. 

Here are commonly asked questions about getting started with Hebrew in Harmony Digital so you can ensure students have easy access, right from the get-go.

Do I need a license for each student?

Each student who will be using the digital app needs a license. This ensures that each student can take full advantage of all the features of Hebrew in Harmony Digital, such as recording themselves reading the prayers, and having teachers review student work. 

You may choose to play the music in class and watch the videos together, but there’s no substitute for individual, small-group and at-home practice. That means each student needs a license. 

How do I get the license to each student?

Purchase Hebrew in Harmony digital licenses at

Set up your students in the Online Learning Center. The OLC is the way the license gets assigned to the student.

Make sure the email used to purchase the digital licenses is the same one used to set up the OLC. (If your school is not already in the OLC, contact our Customer Support team.) 

What's the easiest way for students to access Hebrew in Harmony Digital?

For students using an iOS (Apple) device: Students can download the Hebrew in Harmony from the App Store onto their iPad or iPhone. They'll be prompted to sign in the first time, using the OLC password you set up for them. They then automatically have full access to all the prayers in Hebrew in Harmony Digital. 

For students using an Android device or computer: Using the Chrome browser, students go to and log into the OLC with the password you set up for them. Once logged in, they will see their class listed, and the green Hebrew in Harmony Play button. Clicking the Play button launches the program. They will have full access to all the prayers in Hebrew in Harmony Digital. 

If you prefer not to administer the digital component through your school, you can recommend that families buy Hebrew in Harmony Digital on their own. Students should log in with the same email used to purchase the app. Teachers will still need a few licenses to play to play the music in class and show the videos for learners to watch together, whether at stations or in small groups. 

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