Help your students practice Hebrew with easy-to-access practice and games. Our Online Learning Center portal is full of free games, tools, and samples in an easy-to-navigate format.

Students can now use this link: to access these free resources directly, as well as any Online Learning Software they may have. (Our previous links to free practice and games will also continue to work.)

These programs are available to every user with an email address.

What You’ll Find:

 - Click-and-read Hebrew practice

 - At-home prayer learning with reading and singing along to more than 40 common prayers

 - A Hebrew keyboard

 - A challenging game of Jewpardy

 - And much more

Sample Stuff

On the same page, students can also play with sample versions of Shalom Hebrew Digital and Hebrew in Harmonyapps. In Shalom Hebrew Digital, learners will have free access to the first five lessons, which include letter and sound recognition games, recording options, and games. In Hebrew in Harmony, the free digital modules offer videos, music, games, and more for L’chah Dodi, Mi Chamocha, Sh’ma. Find out more about our Hebrew programs by contacting us.

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