Summer doesn't have to mean a break from Hebrew. Share these resources with students to help keep their language comprehension skills sharp.

Digital Resources

On our Play & Learn page

Find plenty of free resources for students to use over the summer. Hebrew learners of all ages can:

To access these free resources on our Play & Learn page, visit the Behrman House website. Click on the Play & Learn menu option:

Batya's Bubbles -  This FREE app allows you to play, listen, and record from Kol Yisrael volumes 1, 2, and 3 through an interactive game. Includes an updated Hebrew/English main menu.

New prayers added:

- Bar'chu
- G'vurot
- Yotzer Or/Ma'ariv Aravim
- Birchot HaHaftarah

Batya's Bubbles & Blessings supports your use of the Kol Yisrael Hebrew program to practice prayer reading, skills, and to review the prayers from all three volumes of Kol Yisrael.

Learners can record themselves while reading, chanting, or singing the prayers and blessings, and have the option to email the recordings to anyone. The recorded files can even be played on iTunes.

Shalom Hebrew

For decoding learning and reinforcement, try Shalom Hebrew. Each of the 24 lessons in this app builds on a foundation of key cultural words, such as mitzvah and shamash, and introduces related letters, vowels, syllables and words, with plenty of practice opportunities. Students learn Hebrew aurally and visually at the same time, hearing the sounds of letters, vowels and syllables. Learners can also record themselves reading and play back the recording, and compare their pronounciation to both Israeli and American voices.

Created as a universal app, it can be used on any PC or Mac desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. For students in the Online Learning Center, the app links to student accounts and allows their progress and recordings to be saved centrally, no matter where they practice—at home, at school, or even in the car.

Sample the first five lessons FREE by visiting the app store or Google play and downloading Shalom Hebrew directly to any iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Print Resources

Treat your learners to Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader. Students learning Hebrew decoding will read, sing, clap, and jump their way to Hebrew proficiency. Each exercise is ten minutes (or less!), making it even easier to get in a little practice each day. Click the image below to download some sample exercises.

Learn Hebrew while playing your favorite card games. Shuffle It in Hebrew contains six different games, four word lists, and a letter to parents all in one convenient deck of cards. Whether using the deck in your classroom or in your home, young learners are sure to enjoy themselves while adding words and phrases to their Hebrew vocabulary. 


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