Imagine, Explore, Make, Wonder: Let There Be Play!

A full year of Bible stories with child-centered activities that bring them to life!

“What child doesn’t want to play? Mr. Chapman focuses play inside our rich Jewish history and legacy so that the future of Jewish life will be preserved L’Dor V’Dor.” --Tovah Feldshuh

“A gift to our community . . . Easily accessible to those with all backgrounds…” --Sasha Kopp, Senior Director of Education and Engagement, ElevatED

“An authentic, home-tested book that builds confidence and a sense of belonging for anyone navigating their Jewish journey. No prior knowledge is required . . .” --Cathy Rolland, RJE, Vice President of Congregational Member Services, URJ

Let There Be Play combines a year’s worth of Bible stories with a panoply of inventive activities that spark young imaginations and encourage active exploration.

This parent and educator guide to introducing the Bible to children ages 4-7 provides stories, games, maker activities, and make- believe opportunities, complete with instructions and supply lists.

The author uses his extensive theater training to inspire cues for imaginative play. Questions and conversation starters help kids relate themes in the Bible stories to their own lives, with a focus on character growth and values. Conversation prompts and activity ideas encourage parents to engage in hands-on play and learning with their children.

Parents from both Jewish and Christian traditions can introduce their children to the stories of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament in a fun, accessible way that will feel comfortable whether their families are more observant or more secular. Jewish educators as well as progressive Christian educators will discover fresh, modern ways to teach Old Testament stories to young children with sections broken down into convenient weekly portions.


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