Learning Hebrew is a skill that takes practice to keep sharp, just like any other skill. A little bit of regular practice goes a long way to boosting confidence and proficiency. 

Freshen up learners' Hebrew skills with these resources to help them review and practice in small bites.

Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader

Whatever your regular Hebrew program, you can begin any session with a quick "reading workout" using the Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader to refreshing reading skills at any level. Game-like drills help learners exercise their reading muscles: they'll read words to hit a home run and bowl a strike, they'll sing, stretch, clap, and even do some jumping jacks. As they play, they'll get faster and more accurate. 

Each game takes just ten minutes; unless of course, you can do it even faster. So, on your mark, get set...read!

Click the image for a free downloadable page to share with your learners. 

Back-to-School Hebrew Reading Refresher

Do your learners' Hebrew reading skills get rusty between May and September?

The Back-to-School Hebrew Reading Refresher can be used after any primer for the first several weeks as they new year begins. It's especially useful for students who completed a primer last year and are moving onto Book 1 of any Hebrew series. You can use it to plan lessons, personalize instruction, and communicate with students, parents, and other educators. With the Back-to-School Reading Refresher, you can:

  • • Review Hebrew letters and words
  • • Drill Hebrew reading and remediate reading problems
  • • Practice writing skills
  • • Enrich cultural concepts

Click below for a free downloadable page to share with your learners. 


Shalom Hebrew

For decoding learning and fun reinforcement, Shalom Hebrew is an app that takes language practice on the go - anywhere, anytime. Built on a foundation of key cultural words, such as mitzvah and shamash, Shalom Hebrew introduces related letters, vowels, syllables and words, with plenty of practice opportunities. Users see Hebrew and hear the sounds of letters, vowels and syllables. They can also record themselves reading and play back the recording, and compare their pronounciation to both Israeli and American voices.

Created as a universal app, it can be used on any PC or Mac desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Sample the first five lessons FREE by visiting the app store or Google play and downloading Shalom Hebrew directly to any iPhone, iPad, or Android device.


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