Back to School Hebrew Reading Refresher

Help your students refresh Hebrew skills at the start of the year.
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Do your students lose their Hebrew reading skills every year between May and September?

Designed as a follow-up to Shalom Uvrachah--The New Hebrew Primer, the Back to School Hebrew Reading Refresher can be used after this or any other primer for 3-4 weeks at the start of the school year to:

  • Review Hebrew letters and words
  • Drill Hebrew reading and remediate reading problems
  • Practice writing skills
  • Enrich cultural concepts
  • Serve as a bridge between a primer and Book 1 of any Hebrew series

Exercises are purposeful and efficient. In just a few short weeks, this thorough review gives students the confidence they need to begin Book 1 of their Hebrew series. In addition to simple blessings, songs, and prayer excerpts, the exercises also include:

  • Word fragments, syllables, and whole word skills
  • Sound-alike and look-alike letter practice
  • Final letter identification
  • Cultural word and phrase review
  • Simple roots
  • Unusual word endings and other reading rules
  • Simple, practical Hebrew vocabulary

The school year gets off to a brilliant start with the Back-to-School Hebrew Reading Refresher

Download a complimentary guide on how to use the Back to School Hebrew Reading Refresher