Reminisce with Behrman House on Our 100th Birthday

“In the 1980’s we introduced our 800 number (800-221-2755) but for a while it was still less expensive to encourage people to call MU 4-2742 and reverse the charges. Customers usually did this to place their yearly school orders. One day a congregation called from California, asking to reverse the charges. Our office manager, Sheila Tannenbaum, interrupted a meeting Jacob Behrman and I were having to ask if that was ok. He answered yes and we continued with our meeting. A few moments later, Sheila interrupted again. ‘You won’t believe it. The rabbi’s secretary wanted to know what the weather is in New York because the rabbi is coming here this week." He told her, 'Behrman House knows everything. Ask them.'”   --Seymour Rossel, author and former Executive Editor of Behrman House.

Do you have a fond or funny memory of Behrman House? Did you drive the forklift at a visit to our old warehouse? Did you have an unusual encounter with a student over a Behrman House book? Was there a book that held special meaning for you? Join the celebration by letting us know. Send us your memory. We’d love to hear from you.

And to tempt you further, all those who send us a Behrman House memory before the High Holidays will be entered to receive one of ten $100 Behrman House gift cards in a drawing to be held September 15. Celebrate with us! 

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