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Hooked on Hebrew: Hebrew Phonics Pack Playing Cards

Set of four 52-card decks of playing cards for learning and practicing the Hebrew Alphabet and Vowels.

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Hooked on Hebrew: Hebrew Phonics Pack Playing Cards
Hooked on Hebrew: Hebrew Phonics Pack Playing Cards

In stock



    This four-deck set of Hebrew alphabet playing cards includes:

    Hebrew Alphabet 1 - A 52-card deck with pictures, written letter names, and pronunciation hints. Includes 2 cards each of 24 letters. Bet/vet and pey/fey are each doubled on one card; shin, sin, kaf, and chaf are all on separate cards; final forms of mem, nun, kaf, chaf, fey, and tsadee are shown on the same cards with their regular forms. Also includes a monster card, a summary card with all the letters, and directions for playing Memory, Go Fish, and Bingo with this deck.

    Hebrew Alphabet 2 - A card deck with the same cards as the  Hebrew Alphabet 1 deck, but without any hints. Just the letters are shown.

    Hebrew Vowels 1- This deck includes a selection of consonants paired with five vowels (patach, segol, hiriq, holam, kubutz) together with pictures and written hints for pronunciation. 22 letter/vowel combinations are provided, and two copies of each card are included, plus a monster card, four wild cards, a summary card listing all the letter/vowel combinations in the deck, and directions for Go Fish, Memory, Monster, Crazy8s and Bingo using this deck. The wild cards contain a colorful chart showing the names of the vowels together with a pronunciation guide.

    Hebrew Vowels 2 -  This deck introduces five additional vowels (kamatz, tzere, sh'va, holam malei, shuruk) in a series of letter/vowel combinations. 22 new letter /vowel combinations are provided. This is the most challenging of the phonetic decks as it introduces new vowels but without picture or word hints. Guides to pronunciation are included in charts on the four included wild cards. Also includes a monster card,  a list of the letter/vowel combinations, and directions for playing Memory, Go Fish, Crazy 8s, and Bingo.

    Brief game directions are included with this card deck, and an expanded version is available here for download.

    Hooked on Hebrew is a game-based way to practice Hebrew letters and prayers. The playing cards can be used to play a wide variety of games in school, at home, and even remotely. 

    There are up to 15 different games that can be played with each deck, including Go Fish, Memory, War, Bingo, Gin Rummy, Crazy 8s, and more. They can be played one-to-one, in small groups, or in teams. All can be played in person, and some can be played remotely. Brief game instructions are included with each deck, and an expanded version is available below for free download.


    • 8-Adult  
    • Learners in grades 3-5
    • Families - especially great for intergenerational play


    • Hooked on Hebrew: Hebrew Alphabet 1 (with hints) - This beginner deck is sold individually
    • Hooked on Hebrew Phonics Pack - This set contains four different decks: the original beginner deck, Hebrew Alphabet 1 (with hints), Hebrew Alphabet 2 (no hints), Hebrew Vowels 1, and Hebrew Vowels 2.
    • Hooked on Hebrew Prayer Pack - This set contains three decks: Sh'ma and V'ahavta, Aleinu, and Mi Chamocha

    Each deck consists of 52 full-color playing cards, 2.25 x 3.5", shrink-wrapped.


    Visit for free detailed game directions, printable game boards, teacher’s guide, and teacher training video.


    A free downloadable guide with an overview, goals, tips for use, assessment tool, game directions, game boards.


    Teachers can use the free Hooked on Hebrew Reading Assessment to check each student’s ability level and progress, and determine which deck to use for their skill level. This will help students play and learn at their appropriate level which in turn helps promote success.


    A free downloadable family guide with game directions, game boards, and tips for use. 


    You can use Hooked on Hebrew to:

    • Make students (children or adults) comfortable by creating a fun learning environment based on play.
    • Build trust between students and teachers by creating common goals using the quick, one-to-one assessment.
    • Create purposeful and playful game-based in-school and at-home practice opportunities that students will want to repeat on their own.
    • Promote emotional and social skills such as waiting one’s turn and good sportsmanship via game-play.
    • Prepare students to read multisyllabic words which appear in universal prayers such as Sh’ma/V’ahavta, Aleinu and Mi Chamocha.
    • Strengthen bonds among classmates as they have fun learning Hebrew together.


    Marilyn Arsham graduated from Yeshiva University and has been a Hebrew school teacher for 24 years and a bar/bat mitzvah tutor for 18 years. She is a former cytogenetics technologist, editor-in-chief of a cytogenetics journal, and co-editor of The AGT Cytogenetics Laboratory Manual (Wiley/Blackwell).

    Ron Arsham is a past president of Temple Beth Shalom in Mahopac, NY. He is currently a district board member of the METNY region of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and a board member of the Westchester Jewish Council.

    Linda Silbert, Ph.D., is an educational counselor and former Hebrew school principal. She received the BJE-NY Gabriel Schonfeld award for Educator Excellence, and is co-author of numerous award-winning books and educational games. She is co-owner of Strong Learning, Inc,, and is a keynote speaker on creating school environments conducive to learning and making learning fun. 

    Al Silbert, Ed.D., is a former physics and math teacher and graphics artist. He is a past president of Temple Beth Shalom, Mahopac, NY, where he was also a past chairman of the Hebrew school. He is co-owner with Linda of Strong Learning, Inc. He has an MA from the Belfer Graduate School of Science, Yeshiva University.


    Hooked on Hebrew was previously published as Hebrew School Fun, and included more decks. We’ve pared it down to make it simpler for customers to choose what they need.     



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