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Kosher Crosswords

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Sink your teeth into Kosher Crosswords to find out: What's a three-letter word for holy barnyard animal? Which records are not meant to be broken? What's a result of stretching? This collection of original Jewish-themed crosswords offers hours of entertainment, whether you're a casual puzzler or challenge seeker, or somewhere in between. 


-68 crosswords, including four jumbos, and answer keys. 

- Puzzles of all difficulty levels from light and easy to seriously tough. 

- Clever Jewish themes, from holidays and Bible to cinema and geography. 

- Tips about how to solve crosswords and how to decipher crossword-ese.


“It is so impressive that Yoni Glatt sat down to create an entire book of crosswords about being Jewish. When puzzle makers limit themselves to a single topic, it can be detrimental to the quality of the puzzles, but Yoni has managed to squeeze quite a lot from the richness of our culture and traditions, and he hasn't sacrificed anything. His puzzles are fun to solve, and the Jewish aspects of each puzzle will be familiar enough to general audiences.

- Deb Amlen, Editor of "Wordplay," the crossword column of The New York Times

“Yoni Glatt takes puzzle construction to a whole new level: He finds clever and unexpected ways to infuse Jewish culture into each theme, grid, and clue, where possible. Such attention to detail gives these puzzles a distinct Jewish voice that you won’t find in your everyday newspaper crossword.”

-David Steinberg, editor of the Puzzle Society Crossword

“While I am only on the beginners’ level, I really appreciate Yoni Glatt’s work. He offers us a great way to connect to Jewish content and ideas in a creative and fun way.”

-Dr. Erica Brown, author of The Book of Esther: Power, Fate and Fragility in Exile