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Oy Vey A Yiddish Coloring Book

Has some mishagas been driving you crazy? Bubbala, listen to me: go steal your kinder's crayons and pencils. It's time for you to start potchkeying with these fun, Yiddish inspired coloring pages.
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Has some mishagas been driving you crazy? Bubbala, listen to me: go steal your kinder’s crayons and pencils. It’s time for you to start potchkeying with these fun, Yiddish inspired coloring pagesTrust me, all your tsuris will melt away from the coloring.  No, it doesn’t matter if you’ve always been a klutz with color. This is the book for you, I tell you. 

So, nu? What are you waiting for? It’s a shanda that you haven’t started coloring already! Pick up a pencil!

These 34 coloring pages (and 34 jokes!) featuring Yiddish words and expressions will give you so much naches, you’ll be kvelling.