Planning for Next Year? Here’s How to Order Turn-Page Materials

Many of our most popular Hebrew and Judaics materials are now available in online turn-page versions to support learning - whether you are meeting remotely, in a hybrid model, or in person. These robust materials will also ensure continuity in your school programming if you need to change in the middle of the year.

What’s Available with Turn-Page Access 

There are more than 50 different Hebrew and Judaics student materials now available with turn-page access, including:

  • Beginning Hebrew – pre-primers and primers such as Alef Bet Quest; Let’s Discover the Alef Bet; Shalom Hebrew; Shalom Uvrachah; Shalom, Reader; and the Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader.
  • Prayer Hebrew –Hebrew in Harmony and Hineni
  • Modern Hebrew – Chaverim B’Ivrit and Let’s Talk Modern Hebrew for Teens
  • Judaics – various titles in subject areas of Bible, holidays, Israel, and values 

A detailed list of materials available with turn-page access is available here.

*Additional titles may be added to this list.


How to Order for 2021-22

These materials are now available for purchase for the 2021-22 school year.

Each package includes a physical copy of the book PLUS access to an enhanced digital turn-page version of the book, with permission to share it with one student in a remote learning setting. Access to the turn-page version is combined with a physical book and cannot be purchased separately from the physical book. Access runs from May 2021 through July 2022. 

You’ll need to purchase a turn-page package for each student. Turn-page access is not a replacement for a physical book. It is a tool to help teachers in remote learning environments. Students need their materials whether they’re learning remotely or in-person.

It's not necessary to purchase a turn-page package for each teacher. Access to the turn-page version is provided based on the number of students you wish to use it with. Turn-page access can be shared with any teacher(s) or madrichim working directly with students for whom you’ve purchased access, at no additional charge.

Note: If you purchased turn-page materials for this current school year, you will still have access to those items through July 2021.


How to Access Turn-Page Materials

To access the turn-page versions you purchased:

  • Go to and sign into the account from which you made the purchase
  • Click “Account” from the top menu 
  • Select My Downloadable Products from the menu on the left.
  • Select the item you wish to open, and click “Link for Turn-Page Access”

A turn-page access file will download to your device. Double click on this file and your turn-page book will open, ready for use. 

To share the turn-page access with teachers, send them an email and attach the downloaded HTML file. 



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