Hebrew in Harmony In-App Purchase Now Available

More than 60 prayers and songs from dozens of today’s top Jewish musicians can be found in Hebrew in Harmony Digital.  Individuals can now use the app through the Apple App Store.

This means that parents or other adults who want to learn the music and practice their own Hebrew skills can do so on their own devices.

*Educators using the app with a class or group still need to purchase it through behrmanhouse.com. Once purchased, you can download the app from the Apple App store, sign in, and get started with your class. Alternately, you can play the app from our website. 

Directions for Individual Use 

  1. • Go to Apple App Store and download the app
  2. • Tap the Play button
  3. • Tap “Buy for $9.99” at the bottom
  4. • Enter an email address, and follow the prompts on screen
  5. • Confirm the purchase
  6. • Enjoy! 

What’s in Hebrew in Harmony Digital

Each of the 22 digital prayers comes with:

  • - Music and Videos -  Musical hosts Eliana Light and Noah Aronson, and guests The Bible Players, help students dive into the prayer words, melodies, and meaning. Music for each prayer includes a traditional melody plus 3-4 musical interpretations of the prayer. - Videos explain the meaning of the prayer.
  • - Games - 2-3 games for each prayer reinforce key concepts and vocabulary in game-style play.
  • - Hebrew Reading Practice - Hear the prayer in Israeli and American voices. Includes three levels of listening, reading practice, and recording options.  

Have other questions? Contact customersupport@behrmanhouse.com.



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