Long used to beautify the words and acts of prayer, music creates a safe and welcoming environment rich with opportunities for learning.

The Hebrew in Harmony music-based prayer curriculum invites students to sing and pray in Hebrew, as well as read, explore, and interpret prayer text.

It does this through arts, movement, videos, an app for a full digital learning experience, and the centerpiece—music from top Jewish musicians.

There are 22 individual modules – each devoted to a specific prayer – and designed specifically to be taught by educators. Learn more about Hebrew in Harmony and find sample materials here.

The series features music from more than 60 of today’s top Jewish musicians. Here’s what some of them have been up to recently.

Jay Rapoport

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Jay musical work as a composer has taken off in the past year—all in addition to working full time as Director of Lifelong Learning at Temple Sholom of Chicago.

Jay’s wonderful rendition of B’chol L’vav’cha is featured in the Hebrew in Harmony prayer module V’ahavta.

He has just released a new album, “Attitude of Gratitude,” inspired by his childhood favorite LP, “Free To Be You And Me,” by Marlo Thomas & Friends, as well as the book, “Thanks A Thousand,” written by his former NYC congregant A.J. Jacobs.

Listen here to “We Are Together,” a single from his new album.

Also in the past year he released his first fully produced music video, “La-bri’ut,” (funded by the Covenant Foundation), with six of his songs included in the recently released “Manginot: The Complete Jewish Songbook for Children, Vol. 3” from Transcontinental Music Publications.

 “Attitude of Gratitude” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere you find music.

 For more information about Jay or to contact for booking, visit ruachrock.com.

Joe Buchanan

Known for his Jewish Americana music, Joe found a way to turn the lemons of the pandemic into  community lemonade.  

He had just released an album, “Back from Babylon” and was preparing for a big tour in 2020 when “Covid pumped the brakes on everything.”

“My wife and I had a long talk and tried to figure out how to be of good service during all this,” Joe says. “In addition to doing Zoom concerts and services for communities, we started live streaming an in-studio Shabbat service called “Tableside Shabbat” on our Facebook page. Right away, we saw people from all over popping in and meeting each other. It was wild and it grew. They would greet new folks who came to the services, hold zoom Onegs together, and more. It’s been an honor to be part of it.”

Joe’s recording of “Home” interprets Judaism as a home that gives life to a family, and is featured in the Hebrew in Harmony prayer module Birchot HaHaftarah/Etz Chayim Hi.

Joe is planning to get back on the road, visiting communities both digitally and in-person. He’s also eyeing his first UK tour. 

“This whole lockdown held an opportunity to re-examine the mission and find better ways to accomplish it,” Joe says. “I started writing Jewish music to share some of the healing messages I found when I converted and to break down some of the walls of misunderstanding that exist in the world. I want to help create some better understanding of what we’re about and add more chairs to the table. Music should be a bridge and I’m focused on being a better builder.” 

For more information about Joe or to contact for booking, visit joebuchananmusic.com.

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