Celebrate and Honor Unique Differences in Your Jewish Community

Our differences are worthy of celebration, whether that means celebrating where we come from, which languages we speak, which religions we observe, or what abilities we have. This is one of the reasons why we observe Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month.

"How do we pursue tzedek in the realm of the disability sector?” writes Michelle Friedman, the board chair of Keshet in Chicago, in an eJewish Philanthropy article titled Jewish Justice and Disability.

"The quintessential means to disability justice to be addressed by our communities, organizations and religious institutions is, of course, access. But pursuing justice for individuals with disabilities means shifting our thinking away from the idea that people with disabilities are not normal and accepting that having a disability is another part of the human experience." Read the full article here

We have some tips on inclusion throughout our materials. Click the images to download these free sample resources.

Let’s Discover Kindness
Grades K-2

The sixth folder of Let’s Discover Kindness addresses acceptance and how we might be kind to each other. We may all be different but how are we alike? In Let’s Discover Kindness, young learners learn to observe and respect differences while appreciating what they may have in common with friends and classmates.

Click the image to download this sample page.

Everyone is Welcome
Teacher reference

Not all learning differences are alike. A student with ADHD may process information differently than a student with autism. One student may benefit from one-on-one interaction while another student may benefit from group work.

In Everyone is Welcome, it is argued that the best way to approach any learning environment is with understanding and empathy.

Click here to download a chapter on understanding learning differences and learning plans.


The Gateways Haggadah
Liturgical Handbook

The Passover seder is a meaningful experience. It's important to also make it an inclusive experience and to be thoughtful of every member who may experience the seder in a different way. The Gateways Haggadah lends a hand to members of varying abilities, with 150 picture communication symbols, clear instructions, and permission to sit out if an experience is overwhelming.

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The Gateways Shabbat Family Companion 
Liturgical Handbook

Everyone has a place at the Shabbat table. This handbook invites families with children of all abilities and disabilities to a Shabbat dinner celebration that is accessible for the whole family. Includes background picture communication symbols, vibrant photos, and clear, direct language so that all can take part meaningfully in Shabbat observance in the home.


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