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Let's Discover Kindness

Set of eight 4-page folders. Cultivate kindness, early and often.
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Cultivate Kindness, Early and Often

It seems that the world needs more kindness, and now more than ever. But what is kindness, and how do we develop it in ourselves and others?

This set of eight 4-page folders aims to help young children explore kindness and the character traits that contribute to kindness, such as empathy, gratitude, and respect, through a Jewish lens. Students will use role-playing, mindfulness activities, personal reflection, and more to explore their emotional responses to the themes and begin to foster those traits in themselves. 

Each shrink-wrapped set includes one of each folder. 

Special Features

  • Full-color images
  • Thoughtful questions and prompts
  • Open spaces to create a portfolio of work
  • Mindfulness, movement, and other multisensory activities
  • Individual, partnered, and group activities
  • Family-oriented activitiy at the end of each folder to extend and reinforce the learning


Folder One: Kindness
Folder Two: Empathy
Folder Three: Kindness to Yourself
Folder Four: Gratitude
Folder Five: Respect
Folder Six: Acceptance
Folder Seven: Forgiveness
Folder Eight: A Kinder World

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