Long used to beautify the words and acts of prayer, music creates a safe and welcoming environment rich with opportunities for learning.

The Hebrew in Harmony music-based prayer curriculum invites students to sing and pray in Hebrew, as well as read, explore, and interpret prayer text.

It does this through arts, movement, videos, an app for a full digital learning experience, and the centerpiece—music from top Jewish musicians.

There are 22 individual modules – each devoted to a specific prayer – and designed specifically to be taught by educators. Learn more about Hebrew in Harmony and find sample materials here.

The series features music from more than 60 of today’s top Jewish musicians. Here’s what the co-hosts have been up to recently.

Noah Aronson - musical director of Hebrew in Harmony

I’ve been spending my time this past year trying to engage with my creative practices in new ways. I released an album in August 2021 called MOVE that people can find on Spotify and Apple Music. The whole project was done using just my voice, no instruments were used at all.  I’ve been trying to find ways to have nothing come in between my connection to the creative spirit and the creative expression of it, so I stripped away the instruments and just allowed the ideas to flow from my voice.  
I also released a new podcast series called The BeMajor Podcast with Noah Aronson, also available on Spotify and on the BeMajor.co website. The podcast is about finding the meeting point between creativity, wellness and spirituality and I interview practitioners in various different fields doing meaningful work at these meeting points.  
Noah's lively rendition of "Shalom Aleichem" is featured in the Hebrew in Harmony prayer module Shalom Aleichem.
For more information about Noah or to contact for booking, visit noaharonson.com.

Eliana Light - creative director of Hebrew in Harmony

So much has happened in the last year! The biggest thing is the launch of my podcast, The Light Lab Podcast. It's all about t'filah: liturgy, prayer, and holding up the gems of our heritage to the light. We have recorded 13 episodes so far. The podcast is available on all major podcast providers. (Show notes are here.

I'm excited for a year with more music (a kid's album and liturgical album are in the works), more professional development centered on t'filah and spirituality, more travel, and more joy! 

Eliana's recording of “Around the Shabbos Table” is featured the Hebrew in Harmony prayer module Kiddush.

For more information about Eliana or to contact for booking, visit elianalight.com.

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